Just stumbled across a channeler called J.Z. Knight. She claims to channel the spirit of a 35000 year old warrior called Ramtha, who fought against Atlantis.

When she goes into her "trance", when she's actually being possessed by this spirit she starts speaking with an Elizabethan (the Queen's English, well the American stereotype of it) English accent.

Why would a 35000 year old spirit speak English? Secondly why would it have an Elizabethan accent?

Is she trying to suggest this guy from 35000 years ago spoke English? Doesn't she do even the slightest bit of research, even the same language 300 years ago would be virtually incomprehensible, what would 35000 years do to a language? Either way English wouldn't of been the language of Britain then anyway it would of been some ancestor to Celtic, or may be something even before that. English is a Germanic language mixed with a few other European bits and bobs from the settlers that came from the mainland in the last thousand years or so.

The very notion of a spirit of a 35000 year old person speaking Hollywood's version of the Queen's English is just barmy.

Her supporters would argue that the spirit uses her language to communicate. OK fair enough but why the accent? To me and anyone with more than 4 brain cells she's just putting on a jolly bad show.

She also claims this spirit was a warrior, well 35000 years ago? That’s way pre-warfare so how can you have a warrior?

Lastly I'll come to Atlantis. Atlantis didn't exist, it was a hypothetic society used by Plato to teach his students, the very frame work the course was in shows this, it was a conversation between two famous people that lived hundreds of years apart. Essentially Albert Einstein and Isaac Newton discussing a foreign hypothetical society. It also mentions this society was beyond the Pillars of Hercules (Strait of Gibraltar). The ancient Greek equivalent of a long time ago in a galaxy far far away.

I mean come on, if you’re gonna bullshit everyone and screw people out of money at least make the story remotely believable, something that can’t be debunked so easily.

People like this should be thrown in jail for fraud, and people who claim to talk to people's recently deceased relatives should be thrown in jail for fraud and being bastards who are seriously screwing with people's emotions.