Great just great, the guy is not even in the Prime Minister yet and he's already got people working away to see if privatising Channel 4 is an option for him, from the Torygraph.

Asked if Mr Brown might sell Channel 4 to raise an estimated £1 billion, a Treasury spokesman described the idea as "speculation" but declined to rule it out completely.


However, she is likely to be moved from her post when Mr Brown becomes Prime Minister.

It is believed that BSkyB and RTL, the owner of Five, would be interested in buying Channel 4 if it were put up for sale.

Great! Murdoch and friends would be interested. Fantastic, we all know how utterly rubbish Sky and Five is. We don't need Channel 4 to become any crapper than it already is, let alone that crap.

Leave Channel 4 alone, stop dumbing down television.

If you want to raise some money, don't spend it all on the £76 billion rip-off called Trident, we do not need nuclear weapons.