After a waste-of-time election we've got Gordon Brown and Harriet Harman, both solidly New Labour.

You only need to look at the turn out, half of Labour Party members, and just 8% of affiliated Trade Unionists. I certainly couldn't vote for somebody who didn't nominate John McDonnell.

I'm sick of right-wing politicians talking the socialist talk while busy selling off public services, the deputy leader election really brought some of this out. But as Owen Jones points out, they needed to use left-leaning language in order to get anywhere, thanks to the recent shift leftwards in the unions and the party.

The move leftwards has clearly alarmed the New Labour gang, Brown announcing he'll scrap trade union votes on policy making at the Labour Conference.

For those under any illusions about Brown, John McDonnell recently covered a sticking point at the EU summit.

True to his neo liberal philosophy, the reason Brown demanded Blair go back into the negotiating room and dig his heals in was because he was fearful that the French were undermining the free market. He was angry that Sarkozy of all people was seeking to "dilute" the operation of free competition in the EU market.

On the plus side in a recent poll only 22% of people said David Cameron would make the best Prime Minister. I think from that we have no danger in losing the general election, and I think it is time to start pressing the campaign against New Labour, and the Tory moles inside it, and ultimately for us to reclaim our Party and steer it on a socialist course.