Blinded by faith (literally)

Jesus is well known for "curing" the blind, in this case the irony is overwhelming when a christian goes blind while searching for the Virgin Mary in the Sun.

Amal Nassif believed 17-year-old Francesca Zackey when she said the Virgin Mary would appear if Nassif gazed into the sun.

Now 37-year-old Nassif, a devout Catholic, may be blind for life.

She went to Zackey - the Benoni girl who claims to have repeatedly seen the mother of Jesus - to receive a blessing.

Now she says at least four other people also damaged their eyes after being told "the lady" would spin the sun and confirm her presence to her believers.


Meanwhile, at her home, Zackey performed several "spiritual healings" and insisted thousands of people around the world had looked into the sun to confirm Mary's presence.

Her mother Bridgette said she looked into the sun each and every day.

The teenager has started a prayer group and is launching a youth group - a demand she says that Mary made on one of her appearances.

Apparently the Virgin Mary failed to tell Zackey that looking at the Sun can cause blindness in any of her visions. I'd like to see criminal charges brought against Zackey.

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Comment from: Jet Andre [Visitor]  
Jet Andre

I agree, these screwballs need to be locked up.

24th July 2007 @ 01:47
Comment from: Sharon [Visitor]  

Francesca Zackey you are a disgrace to the LEBANESE COMMUNITY do yourself a favour and get PROFESSIONAL HELP.

2nd August 2007 @ 19:40
Comment from: Paul, [Visitor]  

According to Theodosius, leader and prophet for the Church of Eternal Faith in Yreka, California, the New Testament got it all wrong: Jesus cured two blonda, not two blind people.

As everyone knows (recalling the plethora of dumb blond jokes) there is just NWIH that anyone or anything could cure one, much less two blonds.

23rd August 2007 @ 06:40
Comment from: Stuart [Visitor]  

If everyone was charged for presenting false information, jails would be filled.

You don't know her intent (nor if she knew that the sun can cause blindness) so you can't really arrest her.

19th October 2007 @ 17:10
Comment from: lizzy [Visitor]

why would she believe that? did she really need medical help or was she just really gullible? does any1 really kno?...poor thing

27th February 2008 @ 22:32

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