Astrology not only wrong, its lunacy of the worst kind

It was bound to happen, a simple mix-up between astronomy (the science) and astrology (the rubbish) on the forums.

Here's science coming to demolish absolutely any claims that astrology predicts things accurately, or has any other "magical" links to human beings.

I'll focus on the star-sign stuff as that's what Wester was on about in his post on the forums.

Astrologers claim the other planets effect our daily lives here on the Earth, depending on where they were when we were born, and where they are in the present day.

There is only one force that planets could really use against us, that's gravity. The trouble with this is the effect the planets have on us is tiny, it's really really really tiny.

There are three bodies that really push some serious gravitational weight, that's the Earth itself - you don't see us being pulled off and walking on another planet, the gravitational force the Earth pulls on us is huge it's massive it's 1G, it's thousands and thousands of times what even the Moon pulls on us, the Moon has the huge effect on us too, and obviously so does the Sun. The gravitational effect from other planets is millions and millions of times smaller, it's basically just absolutely washed out, it's like being at a concert with the music up full and somebody on the other side of the building trying to whisper to you.

If gravity was the force behind astrology (a lot of astrologers claim it is!) then the Moon would be the most significant body (other then the Earth) by a million-fold, the force the Moon puts on the Earth is huge, it pulls our entire oceans up and down every day, it's massive. The Moon would be the single most important object for an astrologer.

But it's not. Instead all the planets seem to have an equal effect on us. Hmm well that definitely can't be gravity, Jupiter probably pulls on us a billion times more then little Pluto, so even on their planetary things, things certainly aren't equal.

So we know it can't be gravity.

Some astrologers claim there's an unknown mysterious force at work. To fit in with the way they calculate their horoscopes it would need to give all planets equal effect on us, it would also need to be totally undetectable accept by the astrologers.

Problem, if you give all the planets equal effect on us then you'd have to count the estimated one billion asteroids and other planetoids in the solar-system too, after all they're just like planets too, accept smaller, and some are even bigger then Pluto, then of course they'd have to know about the millions of unknown ones too! Then to get really hardcore they'd have to count all the planets in the entire universe. After all if Pluto pulls as much weight as Jupiter despite being way way further away distance and mass obviously doesn't seem to matter at all.

An un-calculable task, as the astrologers don't know where the trillions and trillions of planets outside our solar system are. Yet if we believe that they understand this force, then surely they could predict where the planets are? After all we managed to predict where about 250 planets (and more to coming by the day!) outside our solar system are by their gravitational effect on their parent stars.

But they can't, one astrologer was even quoted as saying if the newly discovered object in our solar system dubbed Sedna was classified by astronomers as a planet he would include it in his horoscopes! Hmmm well firstly surely he must of known about this "planet" before it was discovered by his horoscopes being slightly wrong, secondly I'm sure this magic "force" that these objects cast on us really don't care if we decide to call it a planet or not. Imagine if we decided to de-classify Pluto as a planet, that would really confuse them all!

So we know gravity can't have this effect on us, and we know their "magic" force that nobody can detect, can't have this effect on us, or else by their own logic, they'd have to count ever object in the universe, known or unknown.

Huge flaw #2, if you need even more gaping holes in their nonsense.

There are 12 constellations of the zodiac according to the astrologers; Leo, Aries, Libra etc etc etc. The zodiac are the constellations the Sun appears to travel through as we orbit it, the astrologers assume there are 12, now there were about 2000 years ago, but due to the Earth's wobble as it goes around the Sun it's now shifted and it passes through 13 constellations, yes 13, also due to the wobble things have moved forward a bit, so if you're not getting good results from your horoscopes, try reading the star-sign ahead of yours - that's actually yours, for those who are actually born when the Sun is in Ophiuchus, well I'm afraid they don't include your "star-sign".

The following shows the real dates the Sun is actually in the constellations of the zodiac:

Capricornus - January 19th to February 15th.
Aquarius - February 16th to March 11th.
Pisces - March 12th to April 18th.
Aries - April 19th to May 13th.
Taurus - May 14th to June 19th.
Gemini - June 20th to July 20th.
Cancer - July 21th to August 9th.
Leo - August 10th to September 15th.
Virgo - September 16th to October 30th.
Libra - October 31st to November 22nd
Scorpius - November 23rd to November 29th.
Ophiuchus - November 30th to December 17th.
Sagittarius - December 18th to January 18th.

Compare that to your local horoscope, they're off by several weeks and are missing a constellation! So even if all the stuff about some mysterious force is actually real (which it's not!) then all of their dates are way off anyway!

How do they seem to get a high hit rate? Two things, 1) humans will remember hits and forget misses overtime, 2) they say extremely broad things, like "you will solve a problem today". They never say anything specific like you solved that problem of the washing machine rattling. Most days we probably all solve several problems!

Conclusion: it's all nonsense.


Comment from: Wester547 [Visitor]

Right, okay.......



Done brainlessly ranting now?

This is simply a load of astronomy anti-astrology fanboy crap.

Although you may be correct about the western zodiac containing between any 13 and 24 constellations rather than 12 constellations, reasonably by definition.

29th September 2005 @ 04:42
Comment from: [Member]

What do you mean "may". It's a proven fact, if you actually bothered to look at the sky you could see it for yourself!

29th September 2005 @ 14:59
Comment from: Wester547 [Visitor]

See what? What I see everyday?

29th September 2005 @ 15:09
Comment from: [Member]

The sky Wester, the big thing above you. Go look at it, and you can work out for yourself how many constellations the Sun travels through.

29th September 2005 @ 15:18
Comment from: Wester547 [Visitor]

Yeah, I know what a sky is, no need for ridiculed explanation.

And I already know how many constellations the Sun travels through, no need to work out anything, mind you.

29th September 2005 @ 15:21
Comment from: [Member]

Well you didn't a few hours ago, first it was your astrology friends saying it was 12. Then after I said it was 13, you said it *may* be 13.

Then when I tell you to look for yourself you say you know, well at least I'm making progress.

29th September 2005 @ 16:42
Comment from: Wester547 [Visitor]

"first it was your astrology friends saying it was 12."

Astrology friends? What 'astrology friends'? More like information extracted from my mind. *rolls eyes*

"Then after I said it was 13, you said it *may* be 13."

No, I always knew it was either 12 or 13 to 14 constellations, and I said 13 TO 24, not just 13, AGAIN.

"Then when I tell you to look for yourself you say you know, well at least I'm making progress."
You told me to look, yes, but there was NO NEED TO, therefore I didn't do so. And making progress? Care to provide some back-up legitimate proof?

29th September 2005 @ 23:01
Comment from: Maxime [Visitor]  

Makes sense, I'm born august 26, so I am supposed to be a virgo, but I'm not neatfreak/perfectionist/shy etc, and according to these dates I'm a leo, which makes a lot more sense.
I believe in astrology to an extent, but I've always considered it as being incomplete and partly incorrect, since our knowledge is not advanced enough to make any accurate assumption about the influence of planets, and VERY faraway stars could have on us.

9th June 2007 @ 16:33
Comment from: KeBaB [Visitor]

OMG I wish these so called astrologers would just stfu. If you want to live in a dream world fine, just don't waste our time by taking any longer than you need before you jump off something tall on to some hard concrete. If you want to know when you are going to be rich or meet your perfect partner I can tell you... when you get off your ass and do something about it; not when the any misaligned stars decide it for you. Get out and find your path rather than waiting for it to be spoon fed to you. But of course if you don't want to be rich or meet your perfect partner then just do what us astronomers do and spend all night in the cold learning some real science ;) Go geeks!

13th February 2008 @ 00:31
Comment from: alex [Visitor]  

I will say that I used to follow astrology. I don't anymore.

I mean, the fact that the dates of the zodiac are wrong isn't even just about "Oh, gosh, I thought I was a Scorpio! My horoscope is off!" It goes even further than that. When an astrologer makes a prediction, they incorporate those signs in regards to transits. So, every single time they say something about a planet being in a certain one of your houses in a certain sign, they are wrong. You would think that they would "catch" this. The fact that astrologers haven't re-evaluated the zodiac signs or addressed this, proves that what they say is completely subjective. It can be interpreted any old way you want.

22nd September 2009 @ 22:56
Comment from: Ian [Visitor]

I agree that it is nonsense. Unfortunately, the was a brief time when I followed it. I was going through a hard time in my life and already spent too much time thinking about who I was, and astrology became another way to do that. This solves nothing really. Get out there and take steps toward your goals, and become the things you want to be. Life takes work, but the work is rewarding.

I have always been interested in science and reason, and it seems odd that I would become interested in something like astrology, but again, it was an unusual, hard time in my life, and I was influenced by some people I saw as a part of my day to day life. The bottom line is, astrology is not real. We can't predict the outcome of events based on something whose hits and misses are consistent with a random sample. If you want to be something, don't be afraid to work for it.

23rd November 2009 @ 06:00
Comment from: Jaskirat [Visitor]
4 stars

Great post! Astrology is a load of crap just like you say but yet people get pulled into believing this stuff until the point they become slaves to astrology.

31st January 2010 @ 06:41
Comment from: Tyler Parnassus [Visitor]
Tyler Parnassus

Unfortunately our specie, for the most part, are mostly insecure, analytical, and scared to think for themselves.
They always have to feed their emptiness and confusion with some nonsense that perpetuates the need to make life static and complete - like astrology and others misbeliefs alike.
I just wish everyone would except the fact that nothing is static, everything always changes, evolves in life, nature, science and everything.
We shouldn't be scared of the unknowns in life, therefore we should all be scientists and explore it not justify our fear by believing any nonsense, especially this. We should embrace ourselves as smart individuals who always want to pursue the truth - not thoughtlessly giving into anything that temporarily makes us feel complete with no logic. Don't be scared humans, embrace who you, and do what you love, and be independent. You don't need fortune tellers or astrologers or any other person to make you understand who you are. You create the person you are through analyzation of yourself. Let's use the most important under-appreciated tool in our body - the brain.

18th February 2010 @ 18:38
Comment from: Neil Duran [Visitor]
Neil Duran

Mr Smith, in defence of astrology I would just like to point your thoughts towards the research of the Gauquelins. There research proved astrology to be valid. There work was checked by Professor Suitbert Ertel to be 100% accurate. An group called CSICOP tried in vain to discredit the research findings and failed miserably. Evidence is what the scientific community always asks for and when this valid evidence is presented, it tries to falsify the valid findings. I await your reply.

27th June 2010 @ 18:19
Comment from: [Member]

I think Michel Gauquelin's selection bias is well documented.

28th June 2010 @ 17:49
Comment from: Digit [Visitor]  
2 stars

just gotta have a little say...
i took issue with this from the off...

i used to be a dry brained science-ist too (in the sense of deluding myself to think i was scientific minded)... and then i was challeneged one day beyond my ability to renouce the astrology mumbo jumbo, and so set off to study it (with scientific principles of truth seeking and honesty in mind), thinking the result would be a robust renunciation of all that astrology mumbo jumbo. years later, i've eaten, digested, and crapped out my humble pie long ago.

i've heard the gravity-too-weak argument probably as similarly often as claims that 2012 is the end of the world. ...and it's bull. dangerous misleading bull. most times folks try to write it off, they contradict themselves in the same sentence. gravity too weak to have any effect, yet... it still has SOME effect... :P hrmmm. methinks right there, there's SOME effect going on.

but gravity i suspect is not even the tip of the iceberg.

may i suggest looking into both quantum mechanics, and torsion fields. there, there is much more cognizable correlation between the known forces in action, and the claims of the astrologers.

but really, like i say, right from the off... i took issue....

astronomy = science


astrology = rubbish


care to share your scientific evidence and findings to corroborate these conclusions? or are they just unfounded smear bullshit, based on your own experiences, having yet to encounter the incontrovertible epiphany moment of "ok, there's something to it".

lemme educate ya a lil bit here...

astro = star.

onomy = naming of

ology = study of

so there you see, i think we can all agree... it's right there in the very nouns you had been using. ;)

but really, i must emphasise, in case there's some loony dogmatic astrology-ists out there thinking i'm outright admonishing them to say any crap they "intuit" from the stars n the charts, study.
study, study, study. and not just the books, because studying astrology while forgetting ot look up is insane... and that's what the conventional modern western astrology is like... doesnt quite match up with "the heavens" anymore.

my point... if i can evade my penchant for rambling... is keep astrology an ology. stay sharp, think, educate yourself, test things out for yourself, find truth yourself. sure, listen to others, but just retain the mark of an educated mind, that being the ability to entertain ideas without having to either accept as true or reject as false.

all the best peeps. :)

how many astrological systems have you checked out? or did u just renounce it all on the face of it, given how implausible the foundational notions seemed to you? vedic, celtic, mayan & pre-mayan calendrics, chinese, and more... all very fascinating once you open your mind to them long enough to give them sufficient study.

1st July 2010 @ 21:49
Comment from: Neil Duran [Visitor]
Neil Duran

There is no selection bias in the Gauquelin's work. The bias exists in the orthodox scientific world. The evidence for astrology will never be good enough for these people.

13th July 2010 @ 17:31
Comment from: Peter [Visitor]

The astrology is very difficult, the popular astrology is a stupid fake. The real astrology, is super-complicated, and exist in secret studies, because it´s in "beta" state.

The Cosmos series of Carl Sagan has a small key to this issue.
The CERN know this reality, but the impact of this situation need careful treatment and responsability.

14th January 2011 @ 22:03
Comment from: Joan [Visitor]

The astrology need reconstruction.

Lamb of God... Aries.

The Science of Time, destroyed and kept by the powerful mens in the world.

14th January 2011 @ 22:11
Comment from: Paul [Visitor]
5 stars

Astrology actually does prove one important fact................

There is one born every minute!

16th January 2011 @ 21:33
Comment from: surfer [Visitor]

Good post . Astrology may have been something a long time ago..but its outdated and one finds nowadays is just crap being told to people who also only listen to what they want to hear. Get up and do sth bout ur life rather than sit and wait for stars to act.

24th January 2011 @ 16:20
Comment from: Astronomic astrology [Visitor]
Astronomic astrology

Hmmmm...first of all,the effect astrology studies has nothingt to do with the constelations in the sky. A example is: does the clock create time? no the clock only shows us were in time we are. Astrology is the same as a clock, and the stars in the background only serve as referance points to know were on the ecliptic the earth is in its travel around the sun. The planets in the solar system travel in the suns magnetosphere, and is the interaction of the earths and other planets magnetospheres (and other planetary fields) that, in their combination affects the sun (there is a link between Jupiter and the sun spot cicle) and the sun in turn creates alterations in the earth field.

The gravitation of the planets has nothing to do with the effect of astrology.

Astrology is the studie of the earths tre movements (rotation, translation and precesion), the constelations are only referance points.

The favorite argument of astronomers to discredit astrology is that the signs does not coincide with the constelations. Well, astrology (western astrology) does not realy use the cosntelations, it uses the tropical zodiac (were the names of the signs are the same as the constelations). The tropical zodiac is a sun based zodiac based on the seasons. On the cero degrees cancer (summer solstice), the earths north pole aligns with the sun, and solar radiation affects earths magnetosphere. On the other signs that follow the effect is diferent and this makes the diference between the signs. ALL effect of astrology comes from the SUN, but the planets creates an effect by an interaction of the sun and the planets alignment. This was called "the music of the spheres" in ancient times.

This is only a partial (and somewhat incorrect) explanation, but it is imposible in a few lines to prove astrology.

-Astrology has nothing to do with gravitation.
-Astrology is not a predictive thecnique (some astrologers belive it is). Is like a weather prediction, you know that it can be rain, but what you du with that prediction is up to you free will. Astrology only shows what archetypal combinations (a kind of phychic weather). The earliest use of astrology was to know wen to plant seeds and when to collect the fruits.

And if you what to criticise astrology, you need to study it at least 5 years, then you are in a position to say something about it. Study transits of the other planets and historical events, and your own life and the transits that coincide with important events in your life.

10th February 2011 @ 20:22
Comment from: Neil Duran [Visitor]
Neil Duran
5 stars

It's quite funny how uneducated folk criticise Astrology and have some kind of superiority complex. Reading the comments it is very clear that most commenters haven't a clue what Astrology is and how it works. The material scientists state it can't work. Astrology doesn't work along the material, so mr.scientist oxymoron. I don't know how many things in life work so I can't criticise or offer a valid opinion. What makes the uneducated arm chair scientists masters of knowledge about Astrology? When scientists have been presented with evidence to support Astrology they don't want to know. It's nice to see many have faith in the scientific method. The truth not many scientists follow the scientific method and have created their own pseudoscience in criticising subjects they have zero ability in.

26th February 2011 @ 19:12
Comment from: Tina [Visitor]

Maybe, there was some way back when astrology that actually held some accuracy. But, after looking up my moon sign info (online mind you) I am OFFENDED by how off the description is. I went looking for a birth certificate, time and date of birth, and really thought I was going to get some great intuition about myself and instead I come across pure bullcrap. I am not exaggerating when I say that nearly each quality of "moon in scorpio" assessment was a pure and utter contradiction to my actual personality, lifestyle, and so on. The only thing that was accurate was that I love a hot bath...Well, who doesn't? I saw more of myself in other moon signs that are not mine (virgo, libra) than the one I supposedly belong to. If you'd asked me before what signs I knew weren't mine just based on my life and traits, voila, those would have been scorpio and sagg. Modern astrology is a big disappointment and in my case it is utter crap as well- either that or my birth certificate is wrong and fraudulent. Whatever the case, I'm still disappointed.

12th February 2012 @ 23:04
Comment from: Pallavi [Visitor]
5 stars

I love this article.

i want to see how this astrology(which makes absolutely no sense) helps a person grow in his life.

18th November 2012 @ 07:47
Comment from: Marion [Visitor]

Can the sciences/scientists of our day explain ALL (I mean ALL) of the phenomena in the universe with their theories and tools? Can they fully explain (without any margin of error) how gamma ray outbursts occur or how black holes form? Can they? They cant! They still have to research more to get there. Which means, there are still factual things in the universe that science cant fully explain! All you half baked wanna-be-scientists should first learn basic sciences and then learn the LIMITATIONS of those sciences before jumping to criticize something that has evolved outside the realm of so called science. Nothing on the planet (no theory nor species) could have survived over 5000 years, like the way astrology has, if it had absolutely no truth or validity or viability. Astrology works. That's what matters!

29th April 2014 @ 12:55
Comment from: Starlove software [Visitor]
Starlove software

It's obviously not gravity that is the mechanism. Pluto has as much power on earthly lives as do the giant planets, Jupiter and Saturn. Astrology works the same 4th dimensional way as synchronicity does. (Er... what's that, more mumbo jumbo?, exclaims the brilliantly ignorant scientist)

4th June 2014 @ 08:56
Comment from: Mike [Visitor]  

This is an entertaining read. Astrologists aren't sufficently numerate to count the constellations above their vapid heads! Searching for 'meaning' in our hopeless, suffering existence we hope to find comfort in...stars. :) I suppose it's marginally more cerebral than unicorns and leprechauns. Marginally. The truth is too painful. You're born alone and you die alone. In between is largely suffering, some more than others of course. Think of the babies in the Nazi medical experiments.? Yeah, despite our moans we have it easy. Life is crummy then you die. Nothing. Emptiness but at least there will peace in that void. We are none of us remotely important. Sorry to rudely disrupt the falsehoods of the Entitlement Generation but we are like brief, flashing lights in the sky. None of us remotely matter beyond our brief trajectory of pain & disappointment. Astrologist are ego driven zealots, keen to ascribe meaning where none exists and as our host correctly posits: they can't even add up accurately!!!

30th October 2014 @ 15:15

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