Likewise, it isn't plagued by never-ending security dialogue boxes like those in Vista.

They're refering to the UAC prompts.

On a Windows PC, software (both good and evil) can change the system without your even knowing about it.

Not with Windows Vista, nor with an NT system (XP or 2000) properly configured.

In order for software to significantly modify Mac OS X, you have to type in your password. You're the decider. You approve changes to your system.

Right they blast Windows Vista for requiring users to allow or deny actions which can make system-wide changes.

Then they go on to say Mac OS is superior because it requires you to enter your password to allow or deny system-wide changes. Nice.

That sounds to me like Windows Vista is superior because if you're an administrator it doesn't need you to keep typing your password in, you already did it to login to the system.

I think the key lesson here is that Apple need to focus more on reality and consistency instead of saying anything just to make a swipe at their competition.

Thinking about upgrading to Vista? Even more reasons to get a Mac [...] Macs run Microsoft Office.

Yeah because of course PCs can't run Microsoft Office.