"Microsoft's new mantra: 'It Just Works' ripped straight from Apple's 'Switch' campaign" according to MacDailyNews.

MacDailyNews Take: Allchin must be an idiot. He certainly sounds like one. He's been "in charge of Windows for almost a decade." 'Nuff said. Oh, one more thing, where'd he get the phrase, "it just works?" Straight from his number one supplier of ideas, of course, Apple Computer: http://www.apple.com/switch/whyswitch/. Stay out of those Apple "Switch" pages, Jim. We know you want to — and who could blame you, being so frustrated by your current operating system — but it'd probably be a tad detrimental to your job security.

Jim Allchin has been using that phrase for years, I remember it being used back in the '95 days, and it was widely used in Windows ME's marketing campaign. Three years before Apple's switch campaign.

Oh and if you want an example of Apple's "it just works" check out this entry.