Remember just under 9 months ago when I said how long it would take Apple to copy Microsoft's new library for Windows Media Player? Here's the post to refresh your memory.

How long before Apple copies this with iTunes? I give it 6-9 months

I was putting it pretty close then, another couple of weeks and it would of been past 9 months. I haven't seen them boasting that they invented it yet, but keep your memory ready when they start claiming they did like they did with desktop search.

So how does the new iTunes look? Clunky as per usual, but the main thing is this new library view:

iWMP oops I mean iTunes

Still not quite there with album art, well apparently its in this new version now, you don't have to pay 3rd parties like $20 to get album art and they're still not quite there with automatic ratings either, still got some copying to do there Apple. Here's Windows Media Player 11:

Windows Media Player 11

Now there's the best library in any media player to date, loads of different ways to organise the media too, album, song, genre, year anything you can think of. Great stuff. Cupertino start your photocopiers!

Yes there are only so many ways to organise media, but the point I am making is Apple employees (even the CEO) and let's not forget the fanboys are always claiming Microsoft are ripping them off (even when they're not), despite it being quite clear Apple do more than their fair share of "borrowing" other people's features, which is the point I am making. So would the fanboys (and Steve Jobs) please judge Microsoft with the same eyes they judge themselves and not fall victim to double standards. Microsoft can make the same claims as you make quite easily as this post demonstrates, but they don't, because Microsoft aren't obsessed with Apple the way Apple are with Microsoft.