As per usual the Mac community is lying through it's back teeth, claiming that Windows crashed on Gates three times at the CES, when it actually didn't crash at all, unlike Steve Jobs' demonstration of Spotlight, which made Mac OS X make it's nice "bong" error noise which typically requires a hard reset. This from the Mac Observer:

Bill Gates experiences three Windows crashes during CES keynote.

Mr. Gates first ran intro trouble when trying to connect a new Nikon digital SLR camera to a Windows Media Center Edition PC through a WiFi connection. The result, however, was a frozen computer that wouldn't respond. Two attempts later, however, the demonstration went off without a hitch.

The next one came during a demonstration of a new game called Forza Motor Sport, when the PC the game was being run on actually went directly to the famed Blue Screen of Death.

The third problem occurred when Mr. Gates was unable to get a Tablet PC to connect to the Internet.

Where to start with this one?

The Media Center was clearly still responding as Sean Alexander when he came out on stage with another remote went through the same demonstration, with all the new pictures that had just been taken five minutes earlier. Crashed OS? I think not, dodgy remote control? I think so.

It's Forza Motorsport, not Forza Motor Sport. Oh and one more thing, it's not even for the PC you idiots, it's for the Xbox! During part of the demonstration an out of memory error popped up on the debug kit it was probably being demonstrated on, please note that Forza is not a finished product as is still in development, hence the debug kit being used to run it, the debug kits job is obviously to inform you of problems with the application.

Mr Gates wasn't even using a Tablet PC, it was Sean Alexander showing remote record, which allows you to set your Media Center to record a TV program over the internet. The internet was clearly working as you could see, however it was very slow. Unlike MacWorld, CES actually has tens of thousands of people using the internet connection in the center, which obviously puts even the fastest internet connections to the test.