The Daily Creationism has asked a few questions of us evil "Darwinists", I am only too happy to answer.

Take for instance the first bird. Did the bird breathe? Did it breathe before it evolved lungs? If so: How did it do this? Why did it evolve lungs if it was happily surviving without them? How did it know what needed to be evolved if its brain hadn't yet evolved? Did the bird have a mouth? How did it eat before it has a mouth? Where did the mouth send the food before the stomach evolved? How did the bird have energy if it didn't eat (because it didn't have a mouth)? How did the bird see what was there to eat before its eyes evolved?

Ignoring the fact that the Daily Creationism's unknown author appears to have no basic understanding of evolution I will go ahead and answer his questions anyway.

The first bird breathed using the lungs it inherited from its parents.

The first bird didn't need to know to evolve a brain it inherited its brain from its parents.

The first bird ate using the mouth it inherited from its parents.

The first bird used the stomach that it inherited from its parents.

The first bird saw using eyes inherited from its parents.

If we were willing to draw a line between birds and reptiles, and single out a single generation and call it a bird, and then call the previous generation a reptile. We wouldn't be able to tell the difference between them. The first bird was a reptile; the "last" reptile on the branch was a bird. Only when you look again after say 100 000 generations would you be able to tell the difference, and then only if the population had been subjected to selective pressures.

The origins of key organs that reptiles, mammals and birds share today have to be traced back to our ancestors the fish.