I know I haven’t been blogging as much for the last few months - but I’ve been working on a complete overhaul of the website and didn’t want to work on anything and then have to tidy it up post migration.

So what happened? B2evolution went out of support which I’ve used for the past eighteen years to run my blog, so I’ve ended up using the static website builder Hugo to handle it, which is what I’ve used for a number of other projects over the last couple of years with pretty good success. There are no comments at the moment, but I do want to bring them back at some point. Frankly people just don’t comment as much anymore, too many eyeballs on social media. So it isn’t a high priority, but one day.

This also means that the blog and the rest of dasmirnov.net which has basically just been a landing page for over 15 years and now much more intertwined, so maybe I’ll do a bit more with it.

There are a few issues with some YouTube video embeds from the XML to MD conversion. There’s also lots of broken images and other hyperlinks - a lot of the images broke a few years back anyway; they’ll likely stay broken as frankly I don’t think I’ve got backups. Plus a lot of the old hyperlinks that point to the really old permalink structure, or old feeds they won’t work anymore. If its anything major I’ll fix it if I see enough 404s. But I fancied a big clear out, as the directory structure had accumulated a lot of junk over 20+ years and now its very tidy behind the scenes. I could setup a bunch of redirects, but honestly my .htaccess files had grown big enough over the years, so starting fresh.

Now that’s out of the way I do intend to post a bit more.