As it was very clear tonight I popped outside at 22:15 (UTC) to spot two Iridium flares. Within seconds (before I even turned the lights out) I spotted a bright flash very high up 80°+ to the west, probably a meteor exploding. Always a good sign.

While searching for Iridium 49, scheduled to pass at 22:18:23 which I could not spot, a meteor zipped across the sky, about 10 degrees long passing through the Hercules region of the sky ENE to WSW at around 0 magnitude. Several minutes later another one this one travelling for about 4° in the Hercules-Serpans region this one east to west around 0 magnitude. I'd guess both were Perseids - hopefully a sign this years shower will be quite active.

Spotted a satellite at about 22:20, moving SSE to WNW through Lyra - passing very close to Vega, at about +3 magnitude. Not been able to get a positive identification but the discarded rocket stage Meteor 1-30 was in the area at the time, roughly the correct altitude and brightness, although predictions show it moving SE to N.

Iridium 26 put on a good show at 22:27:31, despite being fairly low in the western sky 17° and only being visible several seconds either side of the 3-4 flare (approx -3 mag).

If it's clear again tomorrow I'm tempted to have a bash at one of my all time favourite planetary nebulae M57 in Lyra, and another favourite - despite only ever seeing it once as it's a sod to locate even though it's half the size of the Moon, M27 in Vulpecula. Uranus and Neptune are in a good position, I think Neptune might be pushing my luck however with the amount of light in the southern sky.