PC Pro (and no doubt others too) show how utterly gullible they are:

Microsoft is planning to make Windows 8 an 128-bit operating system, according to details leaked from the software giant's Research department.

Uh huh.

A move to 128-bit support would be a bold move for Microsoft. Many, including PC Pro's own Jon Honeyball, were urging Microsoft to make Windows 7 64-bit only, but the company continues to offer a 32-bit version of the forthcoming OS

Yeah you're right; it would be a bold move, considering there aren't any 128-bit x86 compatible processors that the thing could run on. It does help to actually have a processor to write against when you're trying to build an operating system.

There is no reason at all to move to 128-bit systems, nor will there be for a good 20 years. We're barely scratching the surface of 64-bit, and for most people 32-bit is still fine.