Adam sent me the following images a couple of weeks back. I think they're great they really do show the sense of scale much more than just using circles.

Earth compared to rocky planets

The Earth compared with our rather warmer, greenhouse of a twin, Venus. The baron, yet once water covered Mars. Mercury which was smashed to bits by an impact leaving a large iron core, and Pluto, which we don't know much about.

Earth compared to gas planets

Next up we bring in the gas giants, Jupiter and my favourite Saturn as well as Uranus and Neptune.

Earth and planets compared to the Sun

The Sun makes even the gas giants look like ping pong balls.

Sun compared to a Red Giant

Think the Sun is big? Think again, it'll get pretty big in the future, swallowing Mercury and Venus, perhaps the Earth, when it becomes a Red Giant like Arcturus shown here.

Sun compared to Super Giants

But it will never get anywhere near as big as the Super Giants, which live very short lives, and end in the most catastrophic way imaginable, in a massive supernova explosion, throwing its ashes throughout the galaxy, the very atoms we're made of was made in these massive stars and thrown across the galaxy in the explosion, the shockwave probably causing clouds of gas and dust to collapse and create solar systems. The core of the star will be a super-dense neutron star or a pulsar, if the star was massive enough it may even form a black hole.