The Daily Creationism guy:

you believe that sometime way back it evolved from a rock any way! So who cares where cows come in.

Rocks are inorganic material. Most rocks are >95% silicates, silicon and oxygen. To be organic it requires carbon, from which all life is made. So no we didn't evolve from rocks.

I wouldn't talk like that about cows, you'll make a certain somebody angry.

But that is what the text books say. The text books say that there was this dot and it span and span and span faster and faster...

No book, scientific paper, or press release I've ever read has said that the universe was a spinning dot. Please list which books said that and their page numbers.

"The universe (due to the above) was much hotter than it is today." There are a few things that i think you should consider here. The earth is spinning. The earth is slowing down.

Yes the Earth is spinning, and yes the Earth's rotation is slowing down due to tidal forces from the Moon, the Moon has already been tidally locked with us which is why it shows the same face. What's your point?

If the earth is slowing down then that means that it must have been going faster. Because of the earth's rotation, the earth is already about 20 miles wider than it is high. Now if the earth was hot, and the earth was spinning much faster than it is today. Wouldn't that mean that the earth would have been stretched our like a disc?

The universe was "hot" long before the Earth formed. The Earth certainly was hot when it formed, but it wasn't spinning fast enough to really stretch it out, you see there's this thing called gravity that holds the Earth together.

By the way if you see galaxies moving away from each other than doesn't that puts some kind of limit to the age of the universe.

Correct that was one of the first ways we came up with the age of the universe. What's your point?