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Go beyond Mac OS

I saw over on Channel 9 a new ad Apple have been apparently e-mailing spamming people with. Here it is in all its glory:

Go beyond Vista

Well I couldn't help myself. I mean its just too easy isn't it?

Go beyond Mac OS

On a more serious not however, Apple need to grow up a bit more with their whole advertising campaign, putting down your competitors is extremely unprofessional and seriously puts me and I'm sure many other people off having anything to do with them. You don't see Microsoft spending half their marketing budget on telling people why everything else sucks.

Windows Mobile Device Center released

Windows Mobile Device Center for Windows Vista has made an appearence on Windows Update.

Windows Mobile Device Center for Windows Vista released

This is the application that provides the same functionality as ActiveSync did in the past.

Games in Windows Vista Business

Where are Solitaire, Minesweeper, etc in Windows Vista Business? They are included with that edition of Windows, but they're not installed by default.

Install or uninstall Windows features

To install them go to Control Panel -> Programs -> Turn Windows features on or off.

Windows Vista launch in Phoenix

Well members of the press said people wouldn't get in line for Windows Vista. Wrong. Robert McLaws was at the launch event in Phoenix.

"They won't line up", my a$$. The Phoenix launch had over 100 people show up. When the doors opened up at 10pm, the line was all the way down the front of the building. It wasn't as many people as I had hoped, but it wasn't the Xbox 360 launch either. At the same time, there were a lot of people who hadn't heard about Vista until that evening, which was really cool.


Windows Vista moves into #1

From the Amazon.co.uk software bestsellers list:

#1 Windows Vista Home Premium (Upgrade).
#5 Windows Vista Ultimate (Upgrade).
#10 Windows Vista Home Premium.
#20 Windows Vista Ultimate.

The Amazon.com list is somewhat different:

#3 Windows Vista Ultimate (Upgrade).
#4 Windows Vista Home Premium (Upgrade).
#8 Windows Vista Ultimate.
#12 Windows Vista Home Premium.

Why is Home Premium outselling Ultimate in the UK? Could it be the 88% markup of prices in Europe?

Windows Vista sales rank

Well here we are three days until Windows Vista becomes broadly available. So I thought I'd check out what the current retail prices are and I noticed that Windows Vista Ultimate was ranked at #29, much higher than I was expecting, so I checked out the best sellers list and found the others to be doing rather well.

The business launch already exceeded expectations, and the general launch looks solid judging on this.

From Amazon.co.uk:

#2 Windows Vista Home Premium (Upgrade).
#13 Windows Vista Ultimate (Upgrade).
#26 Windows Vista Home Premium.
#29 Windows Vista Ultimate.

All in the top thirty (Office was at the #1 spot), not bad at all. I'll see how it changes over the next week or so. I think its evidence enough that Windows Vista isn't another Windows ME (yes I'm looking at the FUD spreaders).

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