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Saturn like you've never seen it before

Who turned out the lights on Saturn's rings?


Well nobody, recently Saturn entered its equinox, meaning the Sun is directly above the equator. As the rings are in the same plane as the equator, they receieve much less light showing only an edge on profile towards the Sun.

This happens every 14.8 years as it travels around the Sun but this is the first time we've had a spacecraft in orbit to capture it. The above image is composed of 75 different exposures, and has had the rings brightened to make them more visible.

For the full size, ideal for wallpapers hit the Cassini imaging website.

International Year of Astronomy

The IAU designated 2009 the year of astronomy. So this year I'll be trying to post more astronomy related goodness. With tools like the WorldWide Telescope the astronomical community can really try and spark people's curiosity about the universe around them. And hell maybe we could try and make a dent against the seemingly unstoppable encroachment of light pollution while we're at it, the skies should be for everyone to enjoy, regardless of if you live in a remote village in India or central London.

So let's start things off with a gorgeous image of an aurora (aka the northern lights) on Saturn.

Saturn and Mars in Astronomy magazine

For the people hitting my blog in search of a higher resolution image of Saturn and Mars (and Gemini) that featured in June's Sky this Month section of Astronomy magazine here it is:

Saturn and Mars

Although the caption Astronomy magazine wrote was inaccurate, the image was taken in 2006 and not 2004.

Close encounter between Saturn and the Moon

Yesterday evening I managed to snap Saturn and the Moon at an extremely close encounter, I would of got out earlier and taken some photos of them even closer, but I was busy trying to retrofit my Canon T-ring, with the thread from my Pentax T-ring, which was successful so I have pretty decent focus now when using my 350D at prime focus on my 6 inch TAL 2M reflector, it did delay me by about half an hour though.

Saturn and the Moon

There's a high resolution version on the gallery. I've still got a few more images of this too, so I may publish them at a later date, I'm thinking of merging two images together to get a better exposure on the Moon.