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More Photosynths from the Lake District

As promised a few weeks back here's the last two decent Photosynths from my recent excursion to the Lake District.

First up, a nice view of Hawkshead and the surrounding landscape from the Colthouse Heights. Make sure to check out the highlights on this synth as I spent a fair bit of time working out what all the areas of interest were:

Lastly here's the synth we did while visiting Hawkshead, we actually wound up there twice, hey it happens to have a nice bread factory. This is the view looking east from Hawkshead church, yup that's the church shown in the above synth, this synth was taken on the wall facing us from that view. I haven't done any highlights for this synth yet but will add some when I get around to it. The Colthouse Heights and Latterbarrow are easy to spot:

For those interested here's all the Photosynths placed on a map which really adds some context, you can kind of get an idea of the path we took on one of our little treks.

Photosynths from the Claife Heights

As promised here's a couple more Photosynths from the Claife Heights, basically on top of the hill north of where we stayed at Near Sawrey in the Lake District.

First up this Photosynth was taken just east of Wise Een Tarn, and shows off some of the surrounding landscape quite well. Make sure to check out the highlights on the right hand side which will point you at some interesting places.

Then this one taken on the south bank of Moss Eccles Tarn a bit smaller in scope than the previous but pretty cool anyway.

For those that haven't seen the first of where we stayed at the Buckle Yeat Guest House here it is. With a bit of luck I'll have the last two finished up in the next few days.

Buckle Yeat Guest House Photosynthed

Those following me on Twitter will know I've been away with Catherine to the Lake District for a few days to enjoy the odd walk and bike ride here and there, and also to enjoy the dark (but mostly cloudy) skies and hunt for Perseids.

I'm in the process of going through the photographs I took for use with Photosynth and getting them uploaded. For starters here's Buckle Yeat. Don't forget to press P to toggle through the different point cloud options, press F to make the viewer fullscreen.

We stayed at the Buckle Yeat Guest House in Near Sawrey, approx 4 miles south west of Windermere. More Photosynths to follow over the next few days, including some landscapes.

Another garden Photosynth

Took some pictures a few days ago. Here's the Photosynth.

You can press P to toggle the point cloud/images on and off. I've just got a 4GB CF card, weather permitting I'll start work on the biggest Photosynth ever. :)

Photosynth goes Silverlight

Photosynth, the online service which creates a 3D "synth" you can explore out of 2D photographs, has moved over to Silverlight for its default viewer. Formally you required a Direct3D based browser plugin to make use of it, and as such this opens up Photosynth to a much larger audience.

The biggest advantage from using Silverlight is obviously embedding it in other websites, if I embedded a Photosynth with the D3D viewer - about two people would have it installed, however most people visiting this blog do have Silverlight installed. Heck let's embed one I did earlier today:

It does have its downsides, such as lower performance, but once Silverlight 3 is released and we get some hardware acceleration the difference should level out. At the moment you can still use the Direct3D viewer if you have it installed on the Photosynth website.

There's also a new highlights feature. Which enables the synth author to select specific images of interest, this is also welcome as you can get lost in a synth comprised of several hundred images quite easily. Above is my synth of Norton Sub Hamdon church updated with a some highlights to give you the idea.

Norton sub Hamdon church in Photosynth

So I've finally got around to doing something a bit more fancy than just my garden with Photosynth, since we were out in Norton sub Hamdon today doing a bit of research into the family history I thought I'd use the opportunity to make a synth out of St. Mary The Virgin Church.

It is embedded below, or you can go to it directly here. Yes you will need the Photosynth plugin.

Make sure to try hitting 'P' to toggle between the photographic views and the 3D point cloud, and zoom in on the detail on the door on the western side (side with the tower) of the church.

I'm finding myself doing a bit more general photography as opposed to astrophotography as of late thanks to the amount of cloud cover. Will have to start an Earth-bound photography category soon at this rate.

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