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Windows 7 E editions binned

In light of developments last week, regarding Windows 7 using a browser ballot screen to select a browser, Microsoft have now announced they're planning to scrap the E versions of Windows 7.

We have now decided to alter that launch plan. In the wake of last week’s developments, as well as continuing feedback on Windows 7 E that we have received from computer manufacturers and other business partners, I’m pleased to report that we will ship the same version of Windows 7 in Europe in October that we will ship in the rest of the world.

If the Commission accepts our recent proposal, we would then fully implement all of its terms. As proposed, we would use the Internet to deliver a ballot screen update to customers who purchase Windows 7 in the European Economic Area, either as part of a PC or as a retail upgrade product.

One reason we decided not to ship Windows 7 E is concerns raised by computer manufacturers and partners. Several worried about the complexity of changing the version of Windows that we ship in Europe if our ballot screen proposal is ultimately accepted by the Commission and we stop selling Windows 7 E. Computer manufacturers and our partners also warned that introducing Windows 7 E, only to later replace it with a version of Windows 7 that includes IE, could confuse consumers about what version of Windows to buy with their PCs.

Microsoft announce Anytime Upgrade and Family Pack pricing

Full details over on the Windows blog. Here's the quick rundown:

Starter (typically only found on low-cost netbooks) to Home Premium: $79.99.
Home Premium to Professional: $89.99.
Home Premium to Ultimate: $139.99

Unlike Windows Vista, using Anytime Upgrade only takes about 10 minutes, and doesn't require a full system upgrade like with Windows Vista which could take anywhere up to a couple of hours.

The Family Pack, which includes 3 licenses for Home Premium is $149.99, over $200 cheaper than buying them separately, but it sounds like it's going to be for a limited time only.

Windows 7 RTM SHA-1 hash / checksums

A few people have asked me what the hashes are for the final bits of Windows 7. These are confirmed:

Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit:
Name: 7600.16385.090713-1255_x64fre_client_en-us_Retail_Ultimate-GRMCULXFRER_EN_DVD.iso
Other name: en_windows_7_ultimate_x64_dvd_X15-65922.iso
SHA-1: 326327CC2FF9F05379F5058C41BE6BC5E004BAA7
CRC: 0x1F1257CA

Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit:
Name: 7600.16385.090713-1255_x86fre_client_en-us_Retail_Ultimate-GRMCULFRER_EN_DVD.iso
Other name: en_windows_7_ultimate_x86_dvd_X15-65921.iso
SHA-1: 5395DC4B38F7BDB1E005FF414DEEDFDB16DBF610
CRC: 0xC1C20F76

Windows 7 Professional 64-bit:
Name: en_windows_7_professional_x64_dvd_x15-65805.iso
SHA-1: 50127304441A793EE51B3F501289F6599A559E9F
CRC: 502C42C1

Windows 7 Professional 32-bit:
Name: en_windows_7_professional_x86_dvd_x15-65804.iso
SHA-1: 697FA06554502FB21D30275273B25747299C020D
CRC: 578725D1

Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit:
Name: en_windows_7_home_premium_x64_dvd_x15-65733.iso
SHA-1: 336779EA6B65F63E11A609B4D021439C47AB315B
CRC: 56D954E4

Windows 7 Home Premium 32-bit:
Name: en_windows_7_home_premium_x86_dvd_x15-65732.iso
SHA-1: CC9D8220B2179E784D85BF1EA98D2EE2190D534F

Office 2010 splash screen video

The new swish Office 2010 splash screen has got a fair bit of attention. They are quite nice looking. Here's the one from Outlook 2010:

I would have thought having the Ribbon UI in Outlook and OneNote would be more important, but maybe its not quite as swish.

Restoring the Recent Items list to the Windows 7 Start Menu

By default Windows 7 no longer shows the Recent Items list in the Start Menu by default. Instead it prefers to use the Jump lists, for example Windows Explorer will show recent folders etc, Windows Media Player will show frequent or recent albums played etc.

But you can still enable the Recent Items list if you're being nostalgic.

Taskbar and Start Menu Properties

  1. Right-click on the Start Menu
  2. Select Properties from the menu, this will open the Taskbar and Start Menu Properties window
  3. Select Customize... from the Start Menu tab, this will open the Customize Start Menu window
  4. Scroll down to Recent Items, and check the box.

Windows 7 Start menu, with Recent Items

This will enable Recent Items, and again show the link on the Start Menu.

Opera still complaining

Last week Microsoft accepted EU/Opera requests to have a browser ballot screen, where users can install from a list of web browsers the browser they would like.

This won't only be for Windows 7, but will be pushed down as an update to Windows XP and Windows Vista users too.

Surely Opera couldn't be more happy, surely they won't have anything else to complain about? This gives their 2% marketshare, a chance at being 20%, assuming people randomly select out of the 5 or so browsers listed.


Now they're complaining that the ballot screen shows the Internet Explorer icon. Hakon Wium Lie, Opera's chief technology officer said:

"The blue 'e' has become so associated with the Internet in general, due to the bundling with Windows. We think using the blue "e" might not be such a good idea."

You're worried about that? What about the giant Google logo plastered there, for many people Google is the internet, maybe they won't want to use the Opera or Firefox internets anymore.

Jeez, give it a rest.

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