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My HTC HD2 game recommendations

I'm going to be posting about some of the software I use on my HTC HD2, there are a lot of Windows Mobile games out there, but what really works well on the HD2? Hopefully this will give you some ideas.

Out are games like Wolf3D and Doom, games I've been playing on Windows Mobile phones for 6 or 7 years, they're just not fun trying to control with the on-screen controls. The good old days when people would just take the source code for a game and port it to Windows Mobile seem to be a fading memory. You didn't have official versions, people just made their own. Nowadays of course with so many phones using a single marketplace as a source for all software, where any software listed must be pre-approved before being sold has stunted such creativity, an application that made farting noises, or changed the colour of the screen would be someone's first applications while getting to grips with developing on the platform, nowadays such applications are products to be sold, with Apple taking a 30% cut. Anyway, on with the topic at hand.

Electopia screenshotElectopia

To showcase the HTC HD2's graphics ability, there's no better game than Electopia. Developed at Southend, you take control of some weird robot thingy and wheel him around the world exploring and shooting stuff. Best of all it is free and can be downloaded from Southend's website. When we'll ever get a full commercial version of the game is unknown. But either way, its a little fun game and it shows off the power of the HD2.

Experiment13 screenshotExperiment13

Experiment13 is a puzzle game, you can almost say it's similar to portal in that you have to make your weird character guy go through portals (without making them yourself), the cool thing is you have to rotate the world to achieve this making it somewhat unique when upfront it looks like it could just be a platformer. It's rendered in 3D and the graphics aren't too bad. It can be downloaded from XDA-Developers.

Hunting screenshotHunting

Hunting is a tower defence game, I don't know about you but I love tower defence games. It's set in a stone-age sort of time so out are the funky missile launchers and cannons, in are weird guys with clubs and bows. The only bad point is it doesn't run in widescreen, and there isn't much variation in the maps. That said, its cheap at £1.19. It can be downloaded from the Marketplace, or there's the demo Hunting Lite.

Meon screenshotMeon

Next up is Meon, this is actually probably the game I've played the most on my HD2. It's another puzzle game where you have to send beams of light to their destination. Sound boring? It's not and is highly addictive. The graphics aren't great, it doesn't make use of the WVGA screen very well, but either way the gameplay is good enough to overcome this. The game itself will set you back £1.69 from the Marketplace, but there is a demo available to called Meon Lite.

Picanrium screenshotPicranium

Picranium is next. Another puzzle game, vaguely similar to minesweeper in that you have to work out what blocks are the actual blocks you need to identify to build the picture, hence the name I assume. But unlike minesweeper you get told the number of blocks in a row or column, you then have to mark them out. Got a little tricky on some levels. Graphics are alright, but would be cool to get a 3D version like on the Nintendo DS. It does make use of multi-touch on the HD2 which is a cool addition. It'll set you back £2.19 from the Marketplace, or there's a demo version called Picranium Lite.

Pocket Lemmings screenshotPocket Lemmings

Need I say more? It's Lemmings. Don't get conned into buying the official versions like Lemmings Tribes, which are slow and rubbish. Go with the original versions. This is a clone resembling the original PC/Amiga/Acorn etc versions made by Johannes Zeppenfeld. Best of all the actual application is free. Like Wolf3D and Doom you do need to provide your own content files, in this case the Lemmings main.dat file which you can find on your old DOS copy. :-) The only problem really is it doesn't support widescreen, but at least it stretches to fill the screen, it's not that noticeable but something that could be improved. You can download the application itself from Johannes' website.

Brain Games 2009 screenshotResco Brain Games 2009

The interface in this game is fantastic, probably one of the best I've come across, makes a change from people using the bog standard and ugly forms found in many Windows Mobile applications. It's got pages and pages of different games, from mathematics, to sorting colour patterns and shooting things, it'll will keep you busy for more than a while and records all your stats, which annoyingly makes you want to complete more and more of it. If you're going to buy it, it isn't cheap at $19.99, but you may be able to find it cheaper from other sources. Here's the official Resco page for it.

Snake screenshotResco Snake

Another Snake game, you control the snake using the accelerometer in the HD2, eat fruit, other snakes, and don't get hurt by the bad guys. Loads of levels, all with different themes with a gradual increase in difficulty making the game quite challenging later on, great user interface, but kinda pricey at $9.99. Official website here.


One of the better games out there, basically a rail-shooter, although you do have control over the characters location either left or right. Race through a fancy futuristic city on a motorbike type thing and shoot these weird robot thingies. Graphics are pretty good, audio is pretty good. Originally bundled with the Xperia phone but can be found over on XDA Developers.

Time permitting I'll share the handful of other applications I use, which aren't games at a later date.

HTC's product roadmap for 1H 2010 urgh

Since Catherine got the HTC HD2 I've been hoping that HTC would release a keyboard equipped phone in the Touch Pro series that sported the 1Ghz processor, and the capacitive screen would be a nice too, and of course Touch Flo/Sense that supported landscape mode.

The good news is HTC's product roadmap for the first half of next year has leaked. The bad news is, there's no sign of any such phone. There are three phones under their productivity category all of which are powered by Windows Mobile 6.5.

The Photon, which seems to be keyboard-less, but still under productivity?

This seems to be a mini version of the HD2, it sports a 600Mhz processor, 3.2 inch HVGA capacitive screen with 256MB RAM.

Ouch, HVGA?

There's also the Trophy, which has a similar form factor to most BlackBerrys, it has a 3 inch VGA screen also capacitive, with another 600Mhz processor and 256MB of RAM.

Then there's the Tera which seems to have the same form factor as the Touch Pro 2, only it sports a disappointing 3 inch WQVGA screen and the same 600Mhz processor and 256MB of RAM.

Looks like I'll be waiting until at least the second half of 2010. At least it shows how future-proof the HD2 is, only one other phone will be using the 1Ghz Snapdragon processor in the next six months and that will be the Bravo, whose main feature seems to be 720p video recording, but even that doesn't come close to the massive 4.3 inch screen on the HD2.

HTC Touch HD review

So here's a review of the HTC Touch HD, no I don't have one but the first are trickling into the UK:

Two points I have to make:

1) You can slide your finger along the buttom to quickly move through the different options, not just going one at a time like demonstrated here.

2) It doesn't come with Opera Mini (the freeware browser for low-end phones) like mentioned, it comes with Opera Mobile the high-end browser which normally you have to pay for.

HTC Touch HD announced

HTC have been pretty busy over the last few months with the Touch Diamond and Touch Pro, over the last week they filled in the low and medium-ends of the market by updating last year's Touch models with a TouchFLO 2D interface, now dubbed Touch Viva and Touch 3G.

More impressively they've released another high-end device to stand with the Touch Diamond and Touch Pro. Called the Touch HD (no the screen isn't HD, and no they shouldn't call it HD).

It is larger than the Touch Diamond and Touch Pro, the same size as an iPhone, although a little bit thinner than the iPhone 3G.

HTC Touch HD HTC Touch HD

Touch HD features a larger screen than the iPhone, 3.8 inches compared with 3.5 inches. More importantly it carries over the same high resolution screens the Touch Diamond and Touch Pro have, only wider. It features a 800x480 resolution screen. That's 2.5 times as many pixels as the iPhone.

The rest of the specs look similar to the Touch Diamond and Touch Pro, so in short it demolishes the iPhone. The same 528 MHz Qualcomm CPU in the Diamond and Pro. It has a microSD card slot, opposed to the Diamond which has 4GB of built in storage, its got the same 288MB of RAM like the Touch Pro, a higher resolution camera 5 megapixels, GPS, FM, and the rest of it. Although for the game fans out there, it does lose the 4 way direction pad of the Touch Diamond and Touch Pro.

When? Q4 2008 Europe, Q1 2009 rest of the world.

HTC Touch Pro unboxing photos

Here's the images from the HTC Touch Pro unboxing... Hoping to have the full review done in a couple of weeks.

Three tech items on the todo list

There's a few technology posts I haven't had the chance to do, but are on the todo list.

First up Photosynth.

If you haven't already played around with it do so. There's videos on the website to help explain how to take sets of images that synth well together, but I'll have my tips soon hopefully along with some of my own synths. I'm hoping to do St John's Church in town at some point, I think that would make a great synth.

Next up Internet Explorer 8 Beta 2 thoughts.

Good release, I'll share my opinions on the new features soon I hope. Although I imagine this will be one of the topics I'll talk about on Gamercast this week too.

The last peice of tech I want to do is over the new bit of kit I've got on my desk.

Yes that is an HTC Touch Pro sat next to my monitor, and I'll be reviewing it within a couple of weeks.

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