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Echelon's Song what's it about

All I know is it's called Echelon's Song and that it was probably recorded by the Red Army Choir in the last 40 years.

If anybody can translate (Olga where ever you are these days), or can do a rough translation to give me an idea about the subject of the song that would be cool, I can only make out a few words from it and I can't find any background or information on the net about it. :(

Cylons are people too

Back on Caprica before the attack, and sometimes I forget there was a world before the attack, I knew someone, a woman, unlike any other woman I'd ever known. She was unique, beautiful, clever, intensely sensual when she wasn't in my bed, she was in my thoughts. She was a Cylon, and she changed my life in a very real, very fundamental way. In that I have quite literary never stopped thinking about her, because I love her, to this very day I love her, and she looks exactly like you.

My name is Gaius Balter and I'm here to help you.

BRILLIANT. I can't wait until January!

Battlestar Galactica Home review

Well we have a break this week from Battlestar Galactica, thankfully things have been rounded off quite nicely - a long time coming after the huge mess that was the first part of season 2. It really stepped into gear in the last few minutes of Home, Part 1 - the scene with Adama walking through the corridor after speaking to D, you finally realize yes this is the bit when everything is going to get sorted, the fleet is going to get back together, Roslin and the Adama are going to put their differences aside.

Part 2 was just brilliant. Zarek and his mate plotting to kill Lee Adama, the way they have to call that off when his father shows up, and how that ended up with something going on with Zarek's mate and Sharon, I was hoping it wasn't going to end in more bloodshed with things going so nicely, and luckily it didn't - well to anyone important. :)

Throughout the episodes it's been pretty solid scientifically (ok sound in space - the faster then light "jumps" but I'll let them off for that), it's had good physics, the space craft don't handle like aircraft or like ships at sea, they handle properly with the right use of rocket motors to control them - very good. But I'm going to have to make a moan about the tomb scene as it really touched on some astronomy there, and it was a bit borderline really. Making the connection between the colonies and their ancient names - that was good stuff. They were perfectly spot on saying there is no chance of them looking for a particular pattern of stars in order to find Earth - so that was good. However using a nebulae to try and give them a rough idea was very iffy, they should of at least used some other points of reference - a galaxy in addition would of been good, sure people can argue that it was made brighter and clearer to help spot on the "map" but it was a little thin, as it was the only non-starlike object in the sky we saw, adding a few others would of help make it more believable. In reality seeing one fuzzy patch (which really wouldn't be identifiable) would of done very little, you might be able to narrow it down to say 1/10th of the galaxy to focus on, but it's still too broad a base to search.

Anyway this moan apart this bit of the season ended brilliantly. Can't wait for things to kick off again.

Another two great episodes

Of Battlestar Galactica, Fragged and Resistance, things are just turning into such a mess. The people stranded on Kobol are rescued but Chief Tyrol is thrown in the brig as Col. Tigh believes him to be a Cylon. Tigh further hits the bottle and dissolves the government and declares martial law, the supply ships in the fleet refuse to resupply Galactica. The "former" President escapes Galactica with Captain Apollo and heads into the fleet.

Then Adama finally wakes up, about time, somebody who can sort this mess out!

Battlestar Galactica Valley of Darkness

Much more action-oriented then Scattered with a group of Centurions onboard Galactica, but saying that it probably has one of the most moving and convincing scenes in recent sci-fi with Starbuck and Helo.

Helo looking around for food in Starbuck's place, talking about Noodles, while she puts on a really beautiful piece of music and just sits down and spills her thoughts, you can just feel that she's moved by the music, something she's probably not heard in a long time, and never thought she'd hear again, leaving Helo just staring. I thought that was brilliantly done and so convincing.

Battlestar Galactica Scattered review

Well after watching the first episode "Scattered" of the second season of Battlestar Galactica about 6 times, I think I'm ready to give my verdict. Spoilers below.

WOW! They're going places with this, you just know it's going to be ages before Starbuck and the people stranded on Kobol will be back on Galactica, they leave the first episode at an evil point a good bunch of toasters onboard!

Colonel Tigh, what a character, you can just feel he's on the verge of the edge with all the stuff going on, having to find the fleet, having to deal with Starbuck going AWOL, the people stuck on Kobol, Commander Adama being out of action, one of his pilots being a Cylon, and that's before dealing with the reaction that will happen after the people find out President Roslin was arrested. Michael Hogan is doing a brilliant job of putting this across.

And of course everyone else, but gotta stop here, gonna watch it one more time. :)

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