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Battlestar Galactica finale

Season 2 is now finished, wow what an ending. I'd love to talk more about it, as you know I've not mentioned it much since the mid-season break. This is because I've got Catherine watching it and she's still a bit behind so I don't want to spoil anything. :)

However season 2 ended in the same fashion as season 1, the largest cliff hanger ever. How annoying. It was a fantastic episode, and I really hope they explore more of the Cylon heroes again in season 3 - which is already confirmed, I think it has some good potential I was kind of disappointed they didn't manage to squeeze this into season 2, but judging by the amount of stuff they had going on I'm amazed they managed to fit in everything they did without making it seem too rushy.

Keep up the good work all the people involved. I look forward to the DVD release in the UK, and the third season.

BBC olympic coverage

Why don't they show any medal ceremonies? I like the medal ceremonies. What's worse is they say here comes the medal ceremony and then cut back to the studio.

Disappointed. I also don't care for them interviewing the British people in the events, sorry I don't want their opinions.

A new Halo book


On the novel front, we had our last story meeting with Eric Nylund, who will almost certainly be delivering a thrilling new Halo novel in the near to mid future. His story outline is fantastic, thrilling stuff and he's already well into the process of writing it. We are in the lucky position of seeing it grow and evolve into what I predict will be another NY Times bestseller.

The funny thing is, 10 to 15 thousand words into the novel, and the hardest few words are the title. Eric is still mulling a few alternatives. We tried to help and Eric said all my suggestions were "interesting." I am glad he appreciated these gems and look forward to seeing which one he for sure picks:

Attack of Awesome
Superalien Space Horrorfiends
Oh Teh Noes!!117
Galaxy Rawk
Project Awesome
March of the Intellibots

Pure awesomeness. Been waiting ages, let's get more novels and the second volume of the Halo 2 soundtrack out! If it's not released with Halo 2 on Windows Vista I will start getting annoyed.

Kameo - soundtrack of the year

Well since Wester seems to be in a bit of a Lord of the Ring soundtrack mood at the moment, I thought I'd talk a bit about one of my now all-time favourite soundtracks - Kameo Elements of Power, yes it's an Xbox 360 game and it probably has one of the best game soundtracks ever created.

It's composed by Steve Burke and performed by the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra and Kings Choir.

Kameo Soundtrack

The soundtrack itself covers a wide range of styles, from the usual cartoony melodies to huge epic pieces that easily compare to the Lord of the Rings. Check out the page, where you can preview the tracks - some of my favourites being Shadow Realm, Hero's Theme, Forest Glade, The Badlands and Thorn's Pass.

Battlestar Galactica is back with Resurrection

It's kicking ass. 2x11 is a really great episode, the only annoying thing is now I have to wait until next week to see what happens. D'oh!

I thought it was great how the writers made Admiral Cain seem like a real bitch, but not in the usual cheesy way, she's definitely got her positive side, as Starbuck has discovered. Really liked how how they worked in the loyalties between Starbuck and the Pegasus XO, makes you wonder what's really going to happen.

Just a shame can't really say a lot until the next episode!

Which fantasy/sci-fi character are you?

I'm Data from Star Trek apparently!

Which fantasy/sci-fi character are you?

Who are you?

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