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Animation still their weak spot

As much as Oblivion rocks and looks amazing. We're still seeing Bethesda's weakness when it comes to animation dampening the experience.

Overall the animation is poor, but the real salt in the wound is the 4 legged animals, in the E3 footage they simply turn around on the spot - I had hoped this would be fixed, but after seeing new footage showing horses. It's not.

Kameo showed what good animation can do for a game - it makes it look believable and real, seeing a horse turn on the spot while doing the regular walking animation blows the experience.

Bethesda please hire some more animators to patch up animation as much as possible for the first expansion. It's just gutting for such an awesome game to have such a tiny flaw that sticks out so much.

SN 2006X

About 56 million years ago a star, exploded into what we call a Type 1A Supernovae.

Click for a before and after shot

Here it is announcing itself to us, we first detected this about 3 weeks ago and it's around peek brightness now, over time it will fade back down and we'll probabaly never see it again.

I love supernovae, that one star outshines everything in it's galaxy. All the other stars in that image around the same brightness are actually in our galaxy - so they're around ten thousand times closer.

Now if only Eta Carina would finally go, or better yet something I can see from the northern hemisphere!

A new Halo book


On the novel front, we had our last story meeting with Eric Nylund, who will almost certainly be delivering a thrilling new Halo novel in the near to mid future. His story outline is fantastic, thrilling stuff and he's already well into the process of writing it. We are in the lucky position of seeing it grow and evolve into what I predict will be another NY Times bestseller.

The funny thing is, 10 to 15 thousand words into the novel, and the hardest few words are the title. Eric is still mulling a few alternatives. We tried to help and Eric said all my suggestions were "interesting." I am glad he appreciated these gems and look forward to seeing which one he for sure picks:

Attack of Awesome
Superalien Space Horrorfiends
Oh Teh Noes!!117
Galaxy Rawk
Project Awesome
March of the Intellibots

Pure awesomeness. Been waiting ages, let's get more novels and the second volume of the Halo 2 soundtrack out! If it's not released with Halo 2 on Windows Vista I will start getting annoyed.

Xbox 360s on EBay

Some went for over $18000, there's over 20000 of them on EBay.

That shows the true wonder of the "free market", when people are desperate for something, people scum buy up loads just to stock up and make some cash.

These people make me sick, being in the position I'm in I could buy the entire stock my store is receiving and probably afford to buy a house with the sort of mark-up that's going on at the moment. I don't do that because it's wrong somebody should teach these people profiteering, that it is also not acceptable and wrong.

Well.... Better yet smash the market to pieces and set in it's place most reliable and productive form of economy, the planned economy, no more market anarchy, hell it would solve the energy problem virtually overnight too.

Gamercast is alive

Gamercast is getting ready to go, what is it? Well I've been wanting to do a blogcast for a while now, I was trying to get Roodis in on it but haven't had much luck, Adam however seems quite keen, and things are actually moving. The blogcast will be 100% dedicated to gaming, it was felt this was needed to reach out to a broad audience.

Gamercast was the name we decided upon out a large range, like err gamepod and kablamoe. So yeah it's the best out of a bad bunch.

At the moment the URL just forwards to my blog engine, however when the next version of b2evo finally comes out we should have things handled a bit nicer. We've using FeedBurner for our feeds in order to use RSS enclosures, b2evo support looks a bit iffy for the foreseeable future and I'm getting tired of hacking around with code.

If you would like to send us topics you think would be interesting to discuss on the show post something to the Portal Forums.

Our first blogcast should be on sometime next week, and I hope to follow up with a weekly show.

Xbox 360 rules, says the people

I went around interviewing a few people in town today about what they think of Xbox 360. These interviews can only be found here. A Paul's Blog exclusive!

Listen and listen to part 2.

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