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Portal Park Episode 4 is being worked on!

I know it's been a while since the last episodes 1, 2 and 3. But I've got an idea, and pretty soon I'll fire up OneNote and plan it out.

When's Roodis going to start blogging?

He's been talking about blogging for a couple of weeks now, he's all set up to go but silence.

Let's get some stories about the adventures of the new wireless Roodis and his inevitable purchase of a Tablet PC!

A preview of what is to come

Is this the shape of things to come?

CV aka Resume

There's lots of rumours going around about me growing fat on the huge eight-digit profits I'm rolling in from my gaming websites, this is far from the case, however I would like to grow fat on a huge paycheck.

Name: Paul Smith.
Date of Birth: 29/09/1982.

Technical skillsets:

Microsoft Windows, Office, Windows Server, Windows Mobile, Linux/Apache web servers, LAN/WAN network services and administration, PC hardware, web development/design and administration.


Game Stores Group Limited (2001 to present).
Sales assistant for computer and console software.

Assist customers in finding suitable products for their requirements.
Communication skills to inform customers of new products.
Team work in order to fulfil marketing and store targets.
Supporting users with software configuration issues.
General store and stock upkeep.

Other stuff:

Microsoft Corporation (2002 to present).
Pre-release software/hardware analyst (UAT).

Analyze software and hardware for defects (graphical, UI, driver compatibility, etc).
Develop and forward reports to developers for further review and implementation.
Participate in forums to discuss project progress, current issues, suggestions for improvement, etc.
Continue to gain an excellent understanding of system/software development life cycles.

Parliamentary candidate for one of the three main political parties in the UK (2007-2009).

Show leadership and organisation skills to maintain efficient operation of the local party and plan future direction.
Be able to represent the organisation in the community.
Good communication skills, both written and oral. (2002 to present).
Managing of web-based information and community sites.

Building and maintaining easy to use and accessible websites.
Ensuring high search engine placements and quality content to maximize traffic and revenue.
Maintaining discussion forums to build a community of users around the websites.
Dealing with various server systems (Windows and Linux) to ensure best cost / performance ratio.

Microsoft MVP for Windows Shell/User (2006 to present).

"This [MVP award] is a highly-regarded 'thank you' through which Microsoft recognises the top 1 in 10,000 technology community contributors."
"An elite group of individuals in online and offline technical communities around the world who share their passion for Microsoft products and technologies with others."


Saint Gildas RC Primary School , Yeovil (1987-1994).
Bucklers Mead Community School, Yeovil (1994-1999).

More information:

For a full copy e-mail me with a description of your company and the type of work available.

Star Wars n00b

We got a work experience n00b at work! Finally got him to actually do something, get inside one of the Star Wars PoS things.

The proud owner of Microsoft Bob

Wow the legendary Microsoft Bob now is mine! What some people believed only to be a myth is now mine! Thanks Catherine, she found what some people search their whole lives for and gave it to me! Wow!

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