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Playing around with PhotoStory

PhotoStory 3 is a really powerful but easy to use tool for home users. I downloaded about 6 months ago and had a play around with it, not having much in the way of photography myself I didn't do much with it. But then I decided to have a real play around with it.

The result is The British Isles which has photographs of the natural landscape of the UK and Ireland and some ancient human touches too. Not bad going for a couple of hours work, of which about 30 minutes was actual editing.

Thanks to Catherine for digging out a lot of the photographs from around the internet.

Windows Live Search Mobile

Blogging from bed, and just tried out the beta for Windows Live Search Mobile. I love the concept behind it, it's so much better than how Google have been doing it. Going to have a proper play with it when I get up tommorow.

Five days off...

...At least, may be more! 8-D About time I need a break. Got a pile of e-mails to sort through some from over 2 weeks back. :|

Got a few techie things I want to get done, getting asked by so many people at work how to network the Xbox and Xbox 360 and etc I'm thinking about writing up a guide for that, that's the big project and networking is a huge topic to cover.

Hopefully I'll get on the Windows Live Messenger beta soon too so I can do up a review of that. Invite please. :)

360 controller

Best controller ever made.

Guess whats inside

Xbox 360

Xbox 360

One word - sweet.

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