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Good luck

OMG Catherine is getting her exam results tomorrow. So good luck Catherine. :) Not that she needs luck when she's got leet skillz. :D

Explaining the fixed function reality

A not so recent blog post by Mr Wester, uses the term fixed function to describe, well I believe it's being used to describe school.

All (around) 100-200 days of the same God Damn banalistic nonsensical cycles that don't even appear to be autonomously aware of the fact that they're so into the, as I like to designate it as, "fixed function" reality that they're nil to a movie, a setup, a counterfeit as a matter of fact that is a braggart and vaunts its "impressive" features, something I only appear to see the fulcrum of (and how it ceases to abstain from stopping), or more or less, the errors of. Not a lot of sense there that coheres well together, right? Wrong. No, I'm jeerably incorrect, because it is all a matter of perception... or so I say? No, don't take it from me, but I should really rerail this blog entry before wafting out into some incessantly inane philosophical rant, right? Right.

What is this fixed function reality? Previous conversations with Wester lead me to believe that he means the natural world.

So I would like to ask him what's wrong with the natural world. It is after all by definition the only world that we know of, or could have any effect on us.

your lower level of reality, biologically and physically human fixed-function tests that only calculate things from a certain perspective.

The natural world is a lower level? Compared to what, astrological nonsense which I've already debunked?

but I should really rerail this blog entry before wafting out into some incessantly inane philosophical rant, right? Right

Wrong, I wanna debunk the rant.

New feed URL

Hello everyone, I am changing the URL to my feed, so I recommend you to update as soon as possible. The new URL is


A way to bring Wester back

I've been thinking, so often in particle physics we have anti-particles, perhaps the reason Wester has been so quiet lately is the anti-Wester no longer exists. A particle needs its opposite to funkify itself up.

Perhaps the solution is the same, we bring back the anti-Wester, and Wester will come back to life.

Subscribe to Wester

How come Wester isn't blogging? How come Wester has three blogs?

One here and one on his MySpace and one on his MSN Space.

How about some updates Wester, I never see you on MSN, you're on the forums less and less, what's going on dude! I'm trying to subscribe to you but I'm just getting empty feeds.

I can draw too

Since Catherine posted up her awesome sketches. I thought I should post up one of my leet drawings too. 100% created on a Tablet PC.

Catherine's Moo

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