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A snow covered Great Britain from space!

Gorgeous picture today from NASA's Terra satellite. Taken about 8 hours ago, it shows a snow covered Great Britain. For those not in the know, we've probably been hit with more snow than we've had in decades, this picture nicely captures it.

Now if only our country was more horizontal, at least then we could use it as a wallpaper.

Higher resolution (right down to 250 metres per pixel) versions are available from NASA.

Update: A few people have said NASA's website is being a bit slow for them, so I've uploaded the highest resolution version here.

Twitter down due to denial of service attack

Looks like Twitter is being DoSed, I've got tweets waiting to go up!

Good timing as I've got a new plugin that automatically posts to Twitter when I make a new blog entry. Which now can't be tested. Great. Although mainly I'm worried about Catherine, how will she manage without Twitter!?

Oh well Twitter had pretty good uptime this year, suppose it couldn't last forever.

He'll be back - as Zombie Micheal Jackson

If there's one thing I learnereded from his work, its that zombies are people too.

Another garden Photosynth

Took some pictures a few days ago. Here's the Photosynth.

You can press P to toggle the point cloud/images on and off. I've just got a 4GB CF card, weather permitting I'll start work on the biggest Photosynth ever. :)

Jade Goody dies - national IQ jumps 3 points overnight

I normally don't post things like this, but this was just too good to ignore.

Nuff said.

A bit of snow

Had a bit of snow fall the last couple of days, what does that mean? Picture time.

Almost makes up for the fact its cloudy and I can't photograph Comet C/2007 N3 Lulin.

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