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Attack of Mr Moo

Mr Moo

Mr Moo should be considered extremely dangerous, he ate a mouse made entirely from sugar and was seen trying to hump the webcam. If you see him in your neighbourhood please inform your local law enforcement agencies.

Master Chief vs Mr Moo

Additional - the Chief has been called in... This is the last known communication with him. It is believed he has fallen victim to Mr Moo.

London for law or shopping?

It's nice to see Catherine having fun on her trip to London for her Law student type stuff she went to see the Royal Court of Justice and the Old Bailey.

Bear and Cat

I wonder if that giant teddy bear was involved in some kind of murder.

It's definitely very strange evidence to have at a trial and has a very shifty look. I think whatever it is, it's guilty and should be executed any teddy bear with a £100 price tag obviously has great experience with armed bank robbery.

Catherine and the Smurfs

For some reason Catherine decided she didn't want the Smurf I gave her, I mean what the hell is up with that? It's a Smurf the most weirdest little blue annoying thing possible and she didn't want it.

I think she suffers from some kind of Smurfobia.

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