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Picture time

My first ever picture taken with the new phone.

Blogging from my C500

Yup major improvement over the V600. More to come soon.

Back to work soon

My two weeks holiday are nearly up. Out of the nine or ten things I had planned to do, I've done zero of them.

I've been trying to play Civilisation 3, Morrowind, Silent Hunter 3, and let's not forget Forza Motorsport, but somehow didn't manage to play them much either.

I've got a heap of e-mails in my inbox that need sorting out, not managed to even start those yet.

I need another two weeks off work.

I'm getting sick of the abuse

I've been on the receiving end of a lot of abuse from Wester lately, he's trying my patience.

False information Wester has posted publicly as fact on the sites:

This also means that it will be mandatory to purchase new, recompiled versions of Xbox 1 titles in order for them to run on an Xbox 360, which is indeed a disappointment. And infact, Sony and Nintendo themselves have already confirmed that their next-generation gaming consoles (PlayStation 3 and The Revolution) will be perfectly backwards compatible with their older PlayStation 2 and GameCube titles. It's unfortunate to be true for both Microsoft fans and Microsoft themself, only time will tell.

The Xbox 360 GPU is based on the R520.

The Xbox 360 GPU is based on the R500.

Possible indications of insanity?

I think the Xbox 360 looks like an N64 controller.

New MTV Quake 4 mini-teaser-trailer-video

With all the Xbox 360 buzz roaming around the net, FilePlanet have thrown up a special Quake IV segment of the Xbox 360 MTV video wrapped up in a short, mini-teaser-trailer-video with never before seen, real-time gameplay featuring footage. Be sure to check it out!

I warned him a few months ago the quality of his posts was slipping a lot, he was repeating words, and double-enforcing obvious meanings (see above "mini-teaser-trailer-video with never before seen, real-time gameplay featuring footage"). He took it personally. Now he's been posting things that are simply untrue (see above "mandatory to purchase new, recompiled versions of Xbox 1 titles in order for them to run on an Xbox 360"), he takes my corrections as being personal. And he spews abuse back at me and everyone, including my girlfriend (see below) for no reason at all, and worse yet in public.

Is there some sort of known mental condition that explains this?

This is him snapping at Catherine:

god what hte hell is wrong with the gamespot server


people wanting 2 know about e3


I need bloody video stream feed


yeah well itll be like that for a few days


*rolls eyes*


your probably not the only person wanting it, so u shouldnt roll ur eyes


I can roll my eyes as much as I want thank you very fucking much don't tick me off


yeah well u know what ur not the only person who has problems in the bloody world u know


I'm bloody aware of that but you don't have to bitch and moan about me being pizt why don't you just go fuck off if you're gonna be so snappy and such a bitch like that if you don't give a fuck good for you, want a cookie? it doesn't matter to me

Sorry Wester you've got no excuse to talk to Catherine like that.

The M200 Tablet PC

The Tablet PC - real innovation.

More faulty PS2s

Two more faulty PS2s. Coming back faster then we can sell them. Something is seriously wrong with Sony's quality checks.

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