Well after watching the first episode "Scattered" of the second season of Battlestar Galactica about 6 times, I think I'm ready to give my verdict. Spoilers below.

WOW! They're going places with this, you just know it's going to be ages before Starbuck and the people stranded on Kobol will be back on Galactica, they leave the first episode at an evil point a good bunch of toasters onboard!

Colonel Tigh, what a character, you can just feel he's on the verge of the edge with all the stuff going on, having to find the fleet, having to deal with Starbuck going AWOL, the people stuck on Kobol, Commander Adama being out of action, one of his pilots being a Cylon, and that's before dealing with the reaction that will happen after the people find out President Roslin was arrested. Michael Hogan is doing a brilliant job of putting this across.

And of course everyone else, but gotta stop here, gonna watch it one more time. :)