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Office Mobile 2010 Beta now available on UK Marketplace

Just a heads up for those who have been waiting for the Office Mobile 2010 bits to show up on the UK Windows Mobile Marketplace, they're up now.

Previously it was limited to the US marketplace.

Still waiting to see what the deal is with the OneNote Mobile client. The desktop version seems to have at least temporarily lost the ability to install one to a mobile device.

OneNote 2010 beta almost has web notebooks

A few of you probably know I've been after storing OneNote Notebooks on the web for some time now, we've had the ability to stick them on the local network for sharing with other users, but I really need them on the web. Since the main collaborator I work with isn't on my local network and I'm always having to sync his changes back manually.

OneNote 2010 has almost gotten there now, which will be using SkyDrive for storage. The technical preview didn't mention SkyDrive, although considering the Office Web Apps are using SkyDrive on their backend, rather than Office Live it isn't that surprising.

Hopefully we'll see this functioning shortly, before the final release, ideally when we have the OneNote Web App up and running. Then Adam can edit his own show notes. :-)

Bing UK now points to Bing Maps not Multimap hurrah

Well after years of complaining it looks like Multimap is no longer linked from the UK Bing page. Instead it links to Bing Maps directly. How it should have been.

Best of all Bing Maps now have Ordnance Survey maps too, which previously only Multimap had.

Woo Ordnance Survey

What's so cool about Ordnance Survey maps? You're not going to find the Hundred Stone, the old dismantled railway, old Roman villas or Jack the Treacle Eater on a "modern" map.

Users with hacked consoles banned from Xbox Live - oh noes

The BBC are running this as their lead story under technology at the moment.

How the hell is this worthy of being the lead technology news item at the moment. Microsoft have always banned modified consoles from Xbox Live for the last 7 years since the service was launched has anyone given it this much coverage when the other batches of users were banned? No.

What's worse, the BBC even features the opinions of one Radio 1 listener who was banned and turn it into an entire article.

I was pretty distraught at the time, I can't remember exactly what it said but I saw the words 'banned' and I was gutted, completely gutted.

At first I was in shock, I mean it's always at the back of your head using pirate games you know there's that possibility but you haven't heard about it, there's been no warnings and you haven't heard it happen to anyone in the last two years.

Too bad. The terms of use clearly states no modified consoles are allowed on the network. Not just to stop piracy but to stop people modifying games and cheating on the service.

I've probably saved about £600 and I've copied roughly 30 or 40 games. A lot of them I've downloaded or I've taken off friends that have downloaded themselves.

Go to jail, do not pass go, do not collect £200.

Why didn't dinosaurs evolve again after the Big Bang?

While going through my logs last month I came across a rather interesting search query that somebody used to find my blog.

why didn't dinosaurs evolve again after the big bang

After a little chuckle I carried on, however I did jot it down for future use.

I suppose fundamentally it represents the terrible truth that ignorance dominates in our society. Nothing demonstrates this more than Sherri Shephard:

We knew the shape and size of the Earth 2200 years ago, it is disappointing to see not everyone is aware of it today.

I suppose I could just ridicule this person, but the fact they ask a question at least show they're interested in learning. Unlike Shephard, who during her whole life apparently never wondered what the shape of the world was, or was ever shown a map or globe of the Earth.

The fundamental answer for why dinosaurs didn't evolve *again* after the Big Bang was because the Big Bang predates the dinosaurs by about 13.6 billion years. There was no Big Bang after when the dinosaurs were about.

The question I suspect he or she was meaning was why didn't dinosaurs evolve again after going extinct?

There are a few reasons why this hasn't happened yet and why it probably won't happen again in the future.

Firstly the conditions present today are not like those of the Triassic, Jurassic or Cretaceous periods, the Earth is much cooler now, and because of this reptiles are small, the only large land animals are mammals because they are warm blooded. Because of this, it would be difficult for reptiles to compete with mammals as we're "dug-in" and would be difficult to be ousted. Like how mammals were small while reptiles dominated the Earth. You need an extinction event to shake things up. The impact that ended the Cretaceous period lowered global temperatures, this hurt reptiles badly but gave mammals are head start in the new environment. Today global warming could give reptiles a boost at the expense of many mammal species.

But even assuming the Earth of the future closely resembled that of a hundred million years ago, the probability of species resembling dinosaur species is extremely slim, we're talking trillions to one in probability this is because of how complicated the genetic code is. The change of the same mutations and then the same selections happening to create a species of dinosaur is incredibly remote. We may well end up with large reptiles again on the Earth. But realistically they will never be the same as species of dinosaur that have gone extinct. That genetic code is lost, and the chance of it arising again is too unlikely for it to happen.