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Windows Vista Beta 2 tips

As Microsoft have now unveiled the CPP of Windows Vista Beta 2 I thought it would be a good time for some tips.

Firstly, the boot loader is brand new, it has no GUI at the moment and can only be edited via the command prompt - no it's not in plain text either. So you may want to install on a separate drive with the boot order controlled by the BIOS - just encase.

Secondly... UAP getting you down? You can disable it by Start -> msconfig -> Tools -> Run disable UAP. I'd recommend enabling it again once you've finished installing everything.

Thirdly... The search indexer can be annoying at times, if you're like me and know where you keep all your documents you can disable it at Control Panel -> Admin Tools -> Services -> Windows Search. Change it to disabled or stopped. I don't recommend disabling it in the final version as other applications will depend on the indexer being active.

Fourthly, make use of the error reporting tools, they're much improved over Windows XP - and you do actually get feedback for problems. For me Vista went and found a patch that made Halo work... Now that's pretty cool.

Finally, keep in mind this is a beta, and it's very beta too. It's pretty solid for me but it does have its bugs and many of them.

Socialist solution to global warming

You know what I'm getting fed up with? Environmentalists going on about how we should turn things off at the wall instead of leaving things on standby. OK good advice for saving power, but this won't reduce carbon emissions, it will slow them a tiny bit. In France which is 90% nuclear powered it will do bugger all. We need real solutions, and less of being told how to live our daily lives.

Petty bourgeois small-mindedness will only lure people into a false sense of security. What we need is global action, organised by the majority and not the capitalists who organise only for profit, based around a series of X-year plans.

The following ideas and timescales I believe are conservative - and much better results I would expect would be the reality under effective socialist planning.

1 year plan - Reduce number of aircraft in the skies, increase the cost of jet-fuel. Until more viable non-carbon solution can be found.

1 year plan - Destroy wasteful lighting. Zero light should be leaked into the sky.

1 year plan - Mass produce bicycles and make them freely available (on mass) at places like train stations, areas of public transport etc, industrial, commercial and residential areas. This will massively cut down on carbon emissions and increase the health of the population.

2 year plan - Increase the size and capacity of the rail network, get all freight back onto the railways and off the roads.

2 year plan - All trains to be electrically powered.

2 year plan - Improve development of electric powered cars and subsidise cost.

2 year plan - Increase price of carbon-burning cars. In Europe they're certainly not needed in most cases and short-range electric cars can cover most journeys to work, while bicycles can cover short and trains long.

2 year plan - Develop new and faster passenger trains that can compete on time scale with aircraft on small trips. London to Paris in an hour sounds good to me.

5 year plan - Relocation of work closer to people's houses and expand use of the internet to save people travelling to work at all.

5 year plan - Shut down all fossil fuel power stations and start a massive program of construction of nuclear, wind, solar and tidal power generators to handle increase of electric usage by trains, shipping, consumer electronics, etc.

5 year plan - All major shipping to be nuclear powered or powered by electric batteries assuming efficient enough batteries can be developed.

10 year plan - Massive funding to develop and use nuclear fusion energy, to replace nuclear fission power within 10 years of successful development of first viable fusion reactor.

50 year plan - construction of a space tower.

Environmentalists seem happy with levelling current emissions, this is unacceptable to the planet - and to the capitalists (levelling emissions would impact profits). What we need to do is smash the capitalists and give the environmentalists a realistic program to deal with climate change, none of this small-minded pussy footing around like they're doing at the moment.

The awesomeness of the cosmos

The Summer Triangle, and the Milky Way beyond

Took this last night, with my Canon 350D and an 18mm lens piggy backed on my TAL 2M with a 184 second exposure @ ISO 800.

Thousands and thousands of stars and a glow across the sky from millions and millions of stars. How many other civilisations exist within this one frame?

And how disappointing it is that light travelling for thousands of years gets swamped by the few thousand lights of Yeovil.

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