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Internet Explorer 7 Beta 3 release

Microsoft have recently released the new beta version of Internet Explorer 7 which can be downloaded here.

Couple of new things I've noticed include a new add to favourites button, even the new Windows Vista build doesn't have this icon yet.

FTP sites that require authentication also now functions properly, in the beta 2 build this was broken.

One of the key new features however is being able to re-arrange the tab order which can be very useful sometimes.

Internet Explorer 7 Beta 3 tab reordering

My favourite feature is probably the new way to handle large images, users used to IE6 will remember the little box that would hover in the bottom-right corner of images which would toggle the image from the original size to a size that will fit within the window. Now you don't need to wait for the little box to pop up you just need to click anywhere on the image and it will instantly toggle to resize the image or not.

Overall it's a good release that's available for Windows XP SP2, x64, and Windows Server 2003.

Admiral Noah's fleet

Admiral Noah

Christians are claiming to of discovered Noah's Ark (again). This time it's in Iran. Just how many ships did Noah command? I can find at least four ships.

I believe we also have evidence for a 5th ship in Great Britain too. Well we don't have the actual boat, or any evidence of a ship but we've got evidence of the feast that followed! Here we go from a recent BBC News article:

Bones and tusks dating back 400,000 years are the earliest signs in Britain of ancient humans butchering elephants for meat, say archaeologists.
Remains of a single adult elephant surrounded by stone tools were found in northwest Kent during work on the Channel Tunnel Rail Link.

Scientists believe hunters used the tools to cut off the meat, after killing the animal with wooden spears.

Clearly they're mistaken, obviously it couldn't of been 400 000 years ago, so they must mean 4000 years. Elephants don't live in Britain it must of come from the Ark! This must of been the big feast they had when they left one of the arks, can't be anything else!

Anyway back to reality, that makes Noah's fleet at least 5 ships strong.

And to have them all beach at the top of mountains, what kind of admiral was he? A bad one at best. I've never heard of admirals ever losing their ships at the top of mountains, yeah sure this was before GPS but come on.

BBC Horizon - War on Science

The BBC recently aired a documentary dealing with the intelligent design issue.

It can be found on Google Video.

In my opinion it's a good way for people to get up to speed on the whole intelligent design and creationist movement, even if less critical than I would like.

Why evolution must be taught in school

The Soviet Union is often used as an example of an "evolutionist regime". It is however clear that those making the claim have never done any research or know even the basics of the development of biology within the USSR.

Under Stalin, similar to the Bush regime today science was prodded and pulled around to suit an ideology; 'in one country' for Stalin and the 'new American century' for Bush. And yes this is to an extent happening in the USA today, especially when it comes to global warming or stem cell research.

In the USSR the key science that was messed around with was biology. The "official" biology between 1948 and 1965 wasn't our evolution; it was Lamarckism, this particular brand being spearheaded by Trofim Denisovich Lysenko, often referred to as Lysenkoism. Scientists who refused to accept this hypothesis were removed from their positions.

Lamarckism was an evolutionary hypothesis put forward by Jean-Baptiste Lamarck a French naturalist, in fact one of the first to pin down the origin of life was due to natural reasons (even if not entirely material), he lived between 1744 and 1829.

There were two basic laws Lamarck put forward:

In every animal which has not passed the limit of its development, a more frequent and continuous use of any organ gradually strengthens, develops and enlarges that organ, and gives it a power proportional to the length of time it has been so used; while the permanent disuse of any organ imperceptibly weakens and deteriorates it, and progressively diminishes its functional capacity, until it finally disappears.

All the acquisitions or losses wrought by nature on individuals, through the influence of the environment in which their race has long been placed, and hence through the influence of the predominant use or permanent disuse of any organ; all these are preserved by reproduction to the new individuals which arise, provided that the acquired modifications are common to both sexes, or at least to the individuals which produce the young.

Essentially his driving force for evolution wasn't natural selection as our present evolutionary theory put more of an idealist process; in that by thought and actions from those thoughts characteristics could change.

Using giraffes for example, Lamarckism would argue that because of the giraffe (or the ancestor of the giraffe) was trying to reach leaves high up in trees, the action and thought of them stretching their necks is actually what gave their offspring longer necks.

Natural selection however argues that giraffes with shorter necks simply died and were less likely to pass on their genes.

So in some ways it's a pretty solid idea for a pre-Darwin time. He was one of the key naturalists who came up with a natural solution to what had previously been solely the realm of a god.

What is however strange is why so called materialists 150 years later would accept this theory and make it "official". Marx, Engels, Lenin virtually every socialist accepted Darwinism as the most likely reason for the origin of species which as 98% of scientists in the world today and for the last hundred years or so agreed was rock solid. The bureaucracy’s break with their roots and the scientific community showed the lack of socialism and real cancer at the heart of the USSR.

Stalin was duped into an idea comparable to Intelligent Design today, the idealism; idealism being the universe is controlled by thought and not material processes at the heart of Lamarckism, it's the same sort of idealism in Intelligent Design. Natural selection can't do that - so it must of been thought about and made by actions of either the creature itself or a greater power.

It wasn't until 1965 that scientists were able to get Lamarckism thrown out. The Soviet genetics program never fully recovered because an entire generation had their ideas of biology flipped around and all wrong.

We see something similar in America today, in fact its worse because America has had to endure many generations falling victim to creationist nonsense. In America, evolution was actually quite rarely mentioned until the early 1960s - when the US government suddenly realised they were scientifically and technological behind the USSR, and the only way to catch up was to teach the kids some actual science.

In the USSR creationism, or non-scientific theories were never mentioned in school. So even though in biology the official science was a scientific theory which had been proven wrong - it was still science; and the scientific method they were being educated with and really only impacted the field of genetics.

In the US even going on Kent Hovinds' graphs, the word evolution in American textbooks increased 10 fold from 1955 to 1965. It's been in steady decline since however.

Creationism has been organised in attacking evolution and science in the US for a hundred years or so now. They were really squashed against the side when the USSR began racing ahead, but now they're creeping back. And this is the real problem.

We see a clear pattern here. When science is not taught, the whole country falls behind. When science and the method of science is being taught things race ahead.

When you put non-science in science class in schools you will damage that society. Evolution is scientific fact and it should be the sole theory put forward to explain the origin of species on Earth in schools and updated if and when scientists have decided it needs updating.

Bush coming out and saying you should teach both creationism and evolution is garbage, creationism in any of its forms is garbage, it doesn't get you anything. It'll just confuse everyone and hold back the society. It's like saying you should teach astrology to engineers who have to design spacecraft to go to Mars. It's like saying you should teach alchemy instead of chemistry, or phrenology instead of neurology. You teach kids non-science and you'll doom your society to backwardness.

Intelligent Design is NOT science and it does not belong in school, there's only one scientific theory that explains the origin of species and that's Darwinism and that should be the sole theory taught.

No evidence to support WTC being brought down by thermite

In my opinion, based mainly on history, the security forces in the US were probably aware of some upcoming plot; it wouldn't be too surprising if they did know what the intended targets were and the means of carrying out the attack.

But to make the jump from knowing roughly of a plot doesn't mean they were actively involved. Why would the Republicans risk this? If it was true they would be out of office for half a century or more.

It's easy enough to get through some right-wing agenda in the US, it's been happening under the Democrats and Republicans for generations with few people noticing; Bush didn't need the attacks in order to carry out his agenda. In the past we see many cases of attacks be faked. The pretext for the German invasion of Poland was based on Polish forces invading Germany first; which of course was fake. The planned full-scale invasion of Cuba was going to be justified by the sinking of a US ship; which would of been fake. The invasion of Yugoslavia (under Clinton - not a Republican) was justified by genocide; which was also fake and so on and so on.

The US media buy any story and the US population swallow it; no matter how small it is. You don't need destruction on that scale to justify an attack on Afghanistan and Iraq and a clamping down of rights in the US. It's possible Bush knew something was coming and didn't act, or the security forces were instructed to carry on monitoring the involved rather than making the arrests. That may be an honest mistake or there may be something to it. I'm not sure which is the more likely.

They can always invent a story to push through an agenda, it might be a bit slower without people witnessing two symbols of America being brought down, but it would still of happened. Just like Iraq - which had nothing to do with the World Trade Center attacks was still invaded supported by huge majority in the US 90% and above.

Anyway, onto the story at hand.

From WebNV:

Scientific analysis on WTC steel debris undertaken by BYU Professor Steven Jones proves that the twin towers were demolished by means of incendiary devices and the release of the conclusive evidence is imminent.

Steven Jones again, his bias should be enough to throw the evidence right into the bin. He's been claiming thermite has been used for months - with no evidence at all.

Now he claims to of found traces (on steel who's exact origins are largely unknown) of sulfur, which he claims is evidence that thermite was used to bring down the buildings. However in office buildings and aircraft you'll find a lot of sulfur and aluminum and lots of other things, so you really need traces of the other components of thermite, you should find 7 times as much barium is sulfur, yet his report does not mention any traces of barium.

Thermite itself is also a very bad way to demolish a building, it's actually used (or at least used to be used) to weld steel together because of its heat. You'd need masses and masses of thermite to even make a dent on a building like this. You'd really need something explosive to do the job, something like a large, fuel-laden aircraft. Oh wait that's what we've got.

Even more odd, thermite hasn't used sulfur as a binding agent for a decade or so, after this was pointed out to him he claims it was an exotic military thermite, which does use sulfur and which also explodes. Again no evidence to back up this claim.

I don't buy it. It's just the same as the Pentagon missile stuff... Sure if you ignore the hundreds of eye-witnesses who saw a large passenger aircraft and just put forward the few people who weren't sure what they saw you can make anything seem possible.

Steven Jones's work cannot be trusted at face value and should be scrutinized heavily.

The Core II - the worst film ever to return

I've just heard that the Core, one of the worst films attacks against human intelligence ever is set to return sometime next year.

I can just see the tagline now... The Core II - We'll get at least 3% of the science right.

The Core is right up there with Armegeddon, in fact it's probably beyond Armegeddon on how dumb it is. I'll just briefly outline why the Core was so stupid:

1) The Earth's magnetic field is collapsing because the core of the Earth stopped rotating.

The amount of energy worked up in the Earth's core is huge. Here's an interesting fact; if the Earth's core actually did stop rotating the energy released would be enough to melt metals on the surface of the Earth, enough energy to evaporate all the world's oceans 10 times over.

2) Because the field is collapsing the microwaves from the Sun are getting through.

The Sun doesn't emit much in the way of microwaves. Secondly the magnetic field doesn't stop microwaves anyway. Thirdly microwaves aren't even that dangerous.

3) The bridge scene.... Bad engineering at its worst, a bunch of microwaves break through the magnetic field and come up to a suspension bridge - breaking it in two. The towers bend inwards.

If you break a suspension bridge in two, ie break the cables, the force would pull the towers outwards, not inwards because the inward force has just disappeared because the cables have broken.

4) They use a ship that is made out of indestructible metals to reach the core of the Earth.

Bad engineering and bad science. If the metals are indestructible how can you cut them to make a ship out of them? I mean come on.

5) They use a nuke to start the core of the Earth up again. In the film they mention the core is a ball of iron the size of Mars.

Well the core is about the size of Mars and it is mostly iron. So what the hell is a nuke going to do to it? Nothing!

Right so that is why the Core was a terrible film. You might argue it's only a film it doesn't need to be realistic, that's perfectly correct. But this film is the typical disaster film, ie it tries to make itself realistic. It has therefore stepped over to the side of reality where it can be judged by reality.

The lack of any understanding of science is inexcusable, it wouldn't take a lot to get at least some of the science right, well actually with this film the whole plot would need to be scrapped.

At it's best this film is a comedy. At it's worst this film damages the already under-developed understanding of science among the population.

We do not need a sequal. I mean what the hell are they gonna do next? Start the core of the Sun up with another nuke? What's a nuke going to do to a nuclear reactor over a million times the size of the Earth? Bugger all!

Hubble breaks down

This is why we need the Shuttle back in action ASAP, from CBC:

Ed Campion, a NASA spokesman at the Goddard Space Flight Center outside Washington, D.C., told the Associated Press Saturday that he was hopeful the problem on the space-based telescope could be fixed from the ground.

NASA experts suspect a faulty transistor or perhaps a cosmic event has wiped out part of the camera's memory. The transistor can probably be replaced by a back-up unit, while the camera's memory can be reloaded.

"Both possibilities are things that can be resolved here on the ground," Campion said.

Hopefully it can be fixed from the ground, but if not then the satellite will be up there for months, if not a year before a Shuttle crew could get to it and swap out any faulty components. That sort of downtime is insane considering the state Hubble is in anyway.

Windows Vista Build #5456

Now we're getting somewhere. When the Beta 2 branch was forked we were only getting bug fixes, now we're back to get features on the new fork. A few things I've noticed after using the new build for a couple of hours:

Aero Glass has been tweaked and looks much better.
Font weight and size has been changed some what.
Performance is right up there with Windows XP SP2.
New icons.
New mouse pointer.
New login screen.
New post-boot screen.
List view returns.
Flip-3D is now anti-alaised and fades in and out much nicer.
Window control buttons no longer flash up black for a second.
Menus are now much more consistant.
3px issue on Start Menu divide is now resolved.
New games added to the Games Explorer.
Alt text in IE7 now has the new tooltip style.
Networking performance is right up there with Windows XP.

It's nice to get off a bug-fix fork and onto an improvement fork. Now we're seeing the polish applied and it's looking good.

New Rods discovered - paranormal ghost and orb rods!

This is first hand evidence collected by nobody else but myself this afternoon. I'm pleased to announce MY BRAND NEW DISCOVERY of not only a new form of Rods but the new paranormal rods. Some lesser and inferior ROSWELL ALIEN ROD BELIEVERS. Seem to ponder why nobody has ever found the body of a dead Rod.

Of course scientists and anyone with more than 2 brain cells say this is because they are nothing but flies as they past in front of the camera at high speed. Well who would believe such a stupid idea!

We now have a simple and more down to Earth answer! These are alien creatures not from the Earth, and not only that due to my evidence found today I can say with absolute surety that these Rods have no physical existence, we can only see the alien rods when they go hyper-dimensional and become ghosts-rods and orb-rods.

Only four of my images remain after the FBI working for the CIA, FSB and the secret KGB society and the US government stole my camera! I was able to conceal some of my evidence and escape to Mexico from where I now write to you!

Rod classic - no ghost orbs

We see in the above image a normal rod (as in not paranormal yet). From this picture we can clearly see it has jumped in from the hyper-dimension. A few minutes later after watching it fly around:

Ghost Rod - the ultimate hyper-dimensional paranormal rod

The camera shows a change, it has turned into a ghost rod. It remained in this form for some time, looking almost confused - then suddenly I saw it begin reading a tiny book. From enhancing the original images I could clearly see the name of the book was the Holy Bible. This frame was however one stolen by the FBI working for the CIA, FSB and the secret KGB society and the US government.

The next thing that happened was a change into an orb form as it found peace with itself. We can see the new form clearly in the following images:

Paranormal ghost Rod turning into an Orb-rod

The Orb-rod becomes more clear in the next image as its level of peace increases:

Paranormal ghost Rod turning into an Orb-rod

Here the final complete orb form moments before the Orb-Rod entered back into the 5th hyper-dimension.

The evidence is clear! I will be releasing a book;

Titled Rods: they're alien hyper-dimensional Christian ghost rods turning into orbs! detailing this new evidence and why the ROSWELL ALIEN ROD BELIEVERS are so wrong. I mean it's just clear we're dealing with paranormal ghost rods turning into orbs after crossing hyper-dimensional space-time. This book will be available for only $24.99! Buy copies in their thousands to learn the TRUTH.

Pluto update

Just got an updated image for my previous post on Pluto's newly named satellites, this one shows which moon is which.

Pluto, Charon, Nyx and Hydra

This image was taken with the Hubble Space Telescope. Yup that's the sort of resolution it can get of Pluto with it being so small and far away. Still a few years to go before New Horizons gets us some close up images.

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