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I can draw too

Since Catherine posted up her awesome sketches. I thought I should post up one of my leet drawings too. 100% created on a Tablet PC.

Catherine's Moo

Moo Hugger alert!

I've been warning of the danger that this Moo creature poses, now it's finally attacked Catherine.

Moo Hugger ready to attack Catherine

After several hours the Moo creature just dropped off and appeared to of died. Hopefully that's the end of it.

Google fails to see vistas

I just typed Windows Vista into Google, they added that image thing to the web search now too, the three images it shows up are all of Windows XP.

Google Windows Vi.. err XP?

Oh dear. Windows XP, Windows XP and Windows XP. Not one screenshot of Windows Vista. Before anyone points out - the first one is just a themed Windows XP. It's not Windows Vista.

This is pretty disappointing. Even on the image specific search. Only one of the images is of Windows Vista - which is running inside Virtual PC so it doesn't have the cool UI, the other two a hacked Windows XP - and Windows XP.

If you go and do the same search on MSN Search you'll see not one image on the first page is of Windows XP - they're all of Windows Vista itself or of related artwork or photographs, I've even gone back several pages and the results are still good.

I know there's a lot of results for Windows Vista and a lot of them are junk. But come on, aren't Google suppose to be good at sorting out the junk?

Google 0 - 1 Microsoft.

SN 2006X

About 56 million years ago a star, exploded into what we call a Type 1A Supernovae.

Click for a before and after shot

Here it is announcing itself to us, we first detected this about 3 weeks ago and it's around peek brightness now, over time it will fade back down and we'll probabaly never see it again.

I love supernovae, that one star outshines everything in it's galaxy. All the other stars in that image around the same brightness are actually in our galaxy - so they're around ten thousand times closer.

Now if only Eta Carina would finally go, or better yet something I can see from the northern hemisphere!

Windows Server takes lead... everyone else files lawsuits

Just as it's announced Windows Server bumps Unix out the way to take the top slot in the server OS market, Microsoft's old friends take them to court again.

[The] companies were responding to innovation with litigation.

"We have come to expect that as we introduce new products that benefit consumers, particularly with the kind of breakthrough technologies in Office 12 and Windows Vista, a few competitors will complain," it said.

I'm getting pretty bored with all this, IBM, Red Hat, Sun, Oracle, Linspire and RealNetworks - let's use them as an example. How any company can bundle spy and adware with it's software, then rightfully get cut down by a far superior music player and then win against Microsoft in court is just beyond me. Something is seriously broken in Brussels, we'll see how broken in the coming months.

May be if people spend less time taking Microsoft to court and more time writing decent software they'd actually get somewhere.

Stamping out the contraband network

I don't like people messing with me. Roodis announced his contraband network a while ago, now this seems to be like a blatant act of war, how someone could want so badly to destroy the community around the websites is beyond me.

The Roddis creature himself - looking for more web ideas?

So here's my first salvo. The daFilm and daMusic Portal sites. They'll move in and cut the contraband's primary advantage out from beneath him - once his film and music sites have been destroyed, an already extensive portfolio of gaming websites will unite and utterly crush the contraband network into oblivion.

You've not got long left Mr Contraband, I suggest you strike a deal (say 30%?) while you still can.

BBC olympic coverage

Why don't they show any medal ceremonies? I like the medal ceremonies. What's worse is they say here comes the medal ceremony and then cut back to the studio.

Disappointed. I also don't care for them interviewing the British people in the events, sorry I don't want their opinions.

Anyone used MSN Search lately?

It's definitely starting to pull level with Google, and the new look is really helping. They just need to center the links to previous and next pages, optimize the use of space near the top (too much white) and they're on their way.

Giant C-3P0 head


A new Halo book


On the novel front, we had our last story meeting with Eric Nylund, who will almost certainly be delivering a thrilling new Halo novel in the near to mid future. His story outline is fantastic, thrilling stuff and he's already well into the process of writing it. We are in the lucky position of seeing it grow and evolve into what I predict will be another NY Times bestseller.

The funny thing is, 10 to 15 thousand words into the novel, and the hardest few words are the title. Eric is still mulling a few alternatives. We tried to help and Eric said all my suggestions were "interesting." I am glad he appreciated these gems and look forward to seeing which one he for sure picks:

Attack of Awesome
Superalien Space Horrorfiends
Oh Teh Noes!!117
Galaxy Rawk
Project Awesome
March of the Intellibots

Pure awesomeness. Been waiting ages, let's get more novels and the second volume of the Halo 2 soundtrack out! If it's not released with Halo 2 on Windows Vista I will start getting annoyed.

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