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Battlestar Galactica Valley of Darkness

Much more action-oriented then Scattered with a group of Centurions onboard Galactica, but saying that it probably has one of the most moving and convincing scenes in recent sci-fi with Starbuck and Helo.

Helo looking around for food in Starbuck's place, talking about Noodles, while she puts on a really beautiful piece of music and just sits down and spills her thoughts, you can just feel that she's moved by the music, something she's probably not heard in a long time, and never thought she'd hear again, leaving Helo just staring. I thought that was brilliantly done and so convincing.

Bitter Apple

Ryan Boswell:

Honestly, how many people (of all computers users) actually use that piece of junk? [Refering to the Tablet PC]

Now now do I smell a jealous little Apple fan? I'm sure there are tens of thousands of Tablet PC users that would like to comment on this on his blog, yet he seems not to have comments or trackbacks... Hmm like so many Apple fans stuck in their own little world.

The Tablet PC is easily the most innovative thing to happen in computing for the last 5 years. Leaving Apple in the dust. You just know this guy would buy an Apple Tablet instantly if they had one available and he'd soon change his tune. Nobody I've shown my Tablet PC to have been able to resist just how cool and innovative they are how natural and easy they are to use, most have said out right they'll never buy another laptop again.

Just to briefly touch what else he says:

A cell phone is a cell phone is a cell phone. There is no real difference or need for it to do anything but make calls and save phone numbers, and maybe a calendar.

Yeah ok - whatever. Sorry I'd rather not carry around 4 or 5 different specific devices, I'd rather just have one. My Smartphone. With all my music, TV, videos, games, internet, everything I could possibly want when I'm out and about. If we play it your way you'd be carrying a ruck sack full of devices around with you everywhere.

Yes, Macs will soon be shipping on Intel, and haven't yet, but that's because up until now the chips that IBM have been making are better

Right, welcome to fantasy island.

This whole uproar in the Apple community started because Robert Scoble threw up a rebuttal to the fan-site MacDailyNews:

"Microsoft's Windows 'Vista' promises similar features to Apple's already-shipping Mac OS X."

Yeah right, Apple can't even match the killer feature sets Windows generally has had over the last few years, let alone what they have coming in Vista. His post is so good I'll rip the whole thing.

Robert Scoble:

I didn't realize there's a Tablet Mac already shipping (is there a Mac that you can carry around and use a pen with?). Ours is already shipping, don't need to wait for Vista.

I didn't realize there's a Media Center Mac already shipping (is there a Mac with a TV tuner built in so you can do Tivo-like stuff?). Ours is already shipping, don't need to wait for Vista.

I didn't realize that there's a Mac phone that integrates with the Mac OS already shipping (is there a Mac SmartPhone phone equivalent already shipping?). Ours is already shipping, no need to wait for Vista.

I didn't realize that there's a Mac shipping that runs on Intel (there will be soon, yes, but I didn't realize it was shipping already!).

I didn't realize that there's a Mac shipping that'll integrate with the Xbox. Ours is already shipping, no need to wait for Vista.

I didn't realize that there's a Mac shipping that has integration with MSN Direct Watches. Ours is already shipping, no need to wait for Vista.

Wow, where do I get a Mac that does all that?

The really funny thing is as you can see in his comments, this completely went right over the heads of the Apple fanbase, no you're right he's not comparing Mac OS X to Windows Vista, he's showing that Mac OS X isn't anywhere near the level of Windows XP. Microsoft don't need Vista to compete with OS X their 4 year old OS blows it away.

Vista mis-information in the media

Google News reports over 200 stories related to the announcement of Windows Vista (formally codenamed "Longhorn"). I've only read a couple of things but as per usual when it comes to Microsoft the BBC has it wrong.

BBC News:

But to meet the autumn 2006 deadline, Vista will be launched with some key components missing. Once they have been released - probably in the form of so-called service packs - the operating system will have a much-improved filing system, a new way to render graphics and much higher internet connectivity.

Do people actually research anything?

"Much-improved filing system" Yup, we'll assume you mean WinFS, sure WinFS isn't in it, but will follow shortly. WinFS isn't a filing system, it's an API layer, Vista has vastly improved organisation and search features, that match what Microsoft promised from the consumer's point of view.

"New way to render graphics" Avalon is in Vista. Are people just plain stupid, Microsoft announce they'll ship Avalon for Windows XP, and people assume it's not in Vista anymore? WTF?

"Higher internet connectivity" I assume they mean Indigo, Indigo is in Vista, it's nearly finished now, and like Avalon will be available for Windows XP.

Goodbye Longhorn

Hello Windows Vista.

The announcement video and the press release.

After hearing this name chucked around about 12 hours ago, I will admit it's starting to sound a bit better. But how are we gonna shorten this, WinVis, WinV, WinVS... WinVS I like that. Yeah VS is good. They should call it Windows VS!

So what do you think of the new name?

Anarchist ignorance

Yes I'm a bit late on this but I've just seen the Reclaim the Streets photos of their May day actions in Dublin. (I'm no fan of Reclaim the Streets - the streets are already public property, so I'm not sure what they're really getting at).

Anyway, what an absolute disgrace.

Probably the most famous Marxist revolutionary in Irish history having his statue trashed by a bunch of anarchist idiots. I'll let some of them off, one of them did put up a piece of paper with "Labour knows no dignity, until labour knows no master" on, that's fine. But what they've done is too much.

James Connolly memorial

Worst of all some of them even tried to explain the political motives behind this, putting a mask over his head to put it in touch with the current "movement", the movement Connolly led was thousands of times stronger then this pathetic group of children and wouldn't hide themselves away.

Probably the only time in Mr Connolly's life he was masked was while he was sitting in a chair, waiting for his execution by the British.

James Connolly memorial

I mean come on, there are dozens of other statues of imperialists, capitalists and lots of other very nasty people just a stones throw away, go and "reclaim" their statues.

James Connolly memorial

It's clear the "movement" today has absolutely no idea of the importance of May day, the contribution Mr Connolly gave to the Labour movement, or even their organisations' own roots.

Reclaim the Streets - apparently reclaiming the streets?

The anarchist movement today, a bunch of school children, yes I'm sure the "authorities" are quaking in their boots at this lot.

Kudos to the dozen or so comrades who spent an hour cleaning it up a few days later.

Battlestar Galactica Scattered review

Well after watching the first episode "Scattered" of the second season of Battlestar Galactica about 6 times, I think I'm ready to give my verdict. Spoilers below.

WOW! They're going places with this, you just know it's going to be ages before Starbuck and the people stranded on Kobol will be back on Galactica, they leave the first episode at an evil point a good bunch of toasters onboard!

Colonel Tigh, what a character, you can just feel he's on the verge of the edge with all the stuff going on, having to find the fleet, having to deal with Starbuck going AWOL, the people stuck on Kobol, Commander Adama being out of action, one of his pilots being a Cylon, and that's before dealing with the reaction that will happen after the people find out President Roslin was arrested. Michael Hogan is doing a brilliant job of putting this across.

And of course everyone else, but gotta stop here, gonna watch it one more time. :)

Battlestar Galactica Season 2

Just hours left now.... wooooooo!!!!!!!

Marx won


"Workers of the World Unite! You have nothing to lose but your chains", "Religion is the opium of the people", and "From each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs". That should be enough for most of you to work out whom Radio 4 listeners have voted as their favourite philosopher: the winner of the In Our Time Greatest Philosopher Vote, chosen from 20 philosophers nominated by listeners and carried through on an electoral tidal wave of 28% of our 'first-past-the-post' vote is the communist theoretician, Karl Marx.

Take that you capitalist pigs! Check out the MP3 of the program here, or listen to it with the BBC player.

Star Wars n00b

We got a work experience n00b at work! Finally got him to actually do something, get inside one of the Star Wars PoS things.

Vote Marx

The BBC are doing another one of their "greatest... of the such and such" vote things.

Karl Marx is again on the list of greatest philosophers of all time, after winning one back a few years ago also on the BBC by quite a large margin it's no surprise he's doing well this time around too.

Go ahead and vote for Karl Marx, you can find out more about Marx on their website, or on or even on my old website with an Overview of Marxism. You can also listen to Francis Wheen on why you should vote Marx.

I'm mainly posting this to counter articles in several right-wing papers, including the Economist and the Times telling people to vote against Marx, stating their disbelief that Marx could possibly in the lead.

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