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Please stop reporting mis-information

I've just seen an article up on Cnet - assuming you can call it an article.

Windows Future Store, or WinFS, a file structure that would allow for database like searching on your desktop. You could organize files by context, location, or metadata, greatly simplifying information storage and retrieval. WinFS would basically abstract your information; you wouldn't need to worry about where it was literally stored, since you could just search for anything, anywhere on your hard drive, and have it pop up in a single results pane.

Avalon, the presentation and graphics infrastructure, including the new XAML programming model for application UI design.

Indigo, the collection of .Net technologies that serves as a communications platform for applications and Web services.

Here's what you'll be getting.

No WinFS--not for the desktop, not for the server.

Indigo and Avalon have been uncoupled from Longhorn, meaning they'll be made available as, essentially, plug-ins to Windows XP when and if they're completed.

Right let's address a few things. The first "fact" of the article is wrong, WinFS isn't that at all. Longhorn will still allow all of the above "WinFS" features Molly mentioned.

Indigo and Avalon will be shipping for Windows XP also, this was due to pressure from developers wanting the maximum user base for their applications. It's still included in Longhorn.

I've got my Toshiba Portege M200

Got it yesterday, fantastic absolutely fantastic! Full review coming later.

The Tablet PC is future of computing.

More faulty PS2s

Two more faulty PS2s. Coming back faster then we can sell them. Something is seriously wrong with Sony's quality checks.

How to blog via MMS

For the guys who are hosted here, you'll need a phone and connection able to send MMS.

You'll need to modify your existing MMS settings to send to the server: instead of your usual one, this will obviously mean that a) the MMS will only end up here it won't get sent to the person you specify in the to: line b) normal MMS may or may not work until you restore the original settings. Some phones offer a way to easily switch between two servers.

Obviously replace bob and bobpass with your username and password, cat refers to category, you can either use an existing one or create a new one called moblog for example, your category number can be found by hovering over a link to it.

I've no idea what you'll get charged in theory it should be the cost of an MMS message, however as it's not using your network providers server you may get charged at the GPRS rate.

The default skins only really allow images that are 400 pixels wide, so you might also want to take that into account when you send images.

The age of the moblog

Yes as you may of guessed from the previous entry the moblog is in gear. Prepare to be amazed by low quality blogging from my Motorola V600!


Dog attack!

Windows XP x64 Edition - coming tomorrow

16TB of page file baby!

Hopefully Microsoft will be releasing a trial version soon, they've had x64 Edition up for download for a good year and a half now, it's certainly come a long way since back then when AMD first launched their AMD64 line of CPUs, which Intel have now cloned into their Pentiums. Finally we can get the Windows desktop PC over to 64-bits.

And before the Apple fanboys start going on about them already having a 64-bit OS (which they don't even Tiger - which isn't out yet only has some 64-bit extentions). Microsoft had one long before you - this new one is just to support AMD64 and Intel's clone. So don't even bother trying to start, oh and we can actually manage backwards compatibility something Apple seem to break every 20 minutes.

Apple zealots lying again

"Microsoft's new mantra: 'It Just Works' ripped straight from Apple's 'Switch' campaign" according to MacDailyNews.

MacDailyNews Take: Allchin must be an idiot. He certainly sounds like one. He's been "in charge of Windows for almost a decade." 'Nuff said. Oh, one more thing, where'd he get the phrase, "it just works?" Straight from his number one supplier of ideas, of course, Apple Computer: Stay out of those Apple "Switch" pages, Jim. We know you want to — and who could blame you, being so frustrated by your current operating system — but it'd probably be a tad detrimental to your job security.

Jim Allchin has been using that phrase for years, I remember it being used back in the '95 days, and it was widely used in Windows ME's marketing campaign. Three years before Apple's switch campaign.

Oh and if you want an example of Apple's "it just works" check out this entry.

Still trying to get the Pocket and Tablet PCs

Following up to the problems with Laptops Direct mentioned in my previous entry I spoke to Steve who said the money would be back into my account within 2 to 3 days, this was on Thursday the 14th. It's still not appeared so that's still trying to be sorted.

Toshiba Portege M200

It is currently in stock. However I can't actually buy it until the money re-appears. I also see no mention of a 2Ghz version anywhere, what the hell is going on with that?


I've phoned up O2 a total of 5 times now, still none in stock. I asked to speak to their cancellations department - seems they're totally out of stock. Been told to phone back mid-May. I've managed to get a month free line rental however.

I need my toys. :(

Mac zealots are stupid

Now for switching OS's.. you will find its easier to switch from PC -> mac then the other way around.. first of all you dont have to worrie with any type of DOS prompts (b/c everyone knows that windows still runs on DOS in he background) and even though mac OSX runs on Unix in the background... you rarely have to use any unix commands (i think i have only once.. and that was just making some tweeks that i picked up from a magazine).

Yes Windows XP still runs on DOS. That's why.. um oh wait no it doesn't. Windows XP is based on NT, not DOS.

The trouble with the anti-Microsoft folk is they compare their current software to Microsoft pre-95. Is Mac OS X better then Windows 3.1 you bet ya, now try comparing it to Windows XP.

Oh dear... Their arguments fall to pieces.

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