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Low volume with Audigy 2 ZS on Windows 7

Just a quick note for those blasting Windows 7 onto their machines this week. You may notice lower than usual volume with your SoundBlaster Audigy 2 ZS. I've had a few e-mails along these lines and it seems to be due to the drivers currently on Windows Update.

I'd recommend trying the latest Daniel K drivers, in the past these have resolved problems I've had with lower than normal volume compared to Windows XP/Vista. At the moment the latest ones are here, however there will be a new release soon to correct a few bugs in these. The latest official drivers are dated from July but I suspect also resolve this issue, although I haven't tested these since the release candidate days.

Windows 7 surpasses Snow Leopard a month before release

I'm surprised I missed this before. But yes Windows 7, an operating system not even released has already surpassed the latest version of Mac OS.

During September Windows 7 usage accounted for 1.52% of traffic measured by Net Applications, and as of this last weekend it broke 2%.

During the same timeframe 10.6 (Snow Leopard) which was released the previous month, accounted for just 0.77% of traffic.

I'm willing to bet with a few weeks of launch Windows 7 will eclipse the entire Macintosh user base. I'll be very interested in October's figures too to see how close it gets.

Come on BBC, Gadgets can be moved anywhere in Windows Vista

So the BBC have been putting up a few articles on Windows 7, it is after all released on Thursday. But they've also made a few mistakes, usually when comparing it to Windows Vista.

What I'll cover here is the Gadget platform. If you recall in Windows Vista you could open the Sidebar on either the left or right sides of the screen which could hold all the Gadgets, or if you wanted to you could drag them off the Sidebar and place them where you wanted, and even close the Sidebar.

Myth: In Windows Vista desktop Gadgets cannot be moved.

False. Here's a picture I took during the development of Windows Vista showing the clock gadget, how you could have multiple instances open all with different settings and time zones, and importantly anywhere you wanted.

Lots of clock gadgets open in Windows Vista all over the screen

It's disappointing when so many people get this wrong and even worse when it is mentioned right at the start of a video covering Windows 7. If they can get one of the very first facts wrong it doesn't fill you with much confidence.

If anything the Gadget platform in Windows 7 is weaker than in Windows Vista. Here's why. With the Sidebar in Windows Vista you could configure it to always be on top, when it was set like this any windows would maximize to the edge of the Sidebar enabling you to always see any Gadgets contained in the Sidebar. In Windows 7 there is no way to achieve the same thing. You have to tell individual Gadgets to be on top, and when that happens they'll obviously cover up areas of any maximized windows, as maximized windows will fill the screen as usual.

Windows 7 Answers forum is live

Microsoft have opened up the Windows 7 Answers forum.

Which I have to say semi-replaces the old newgroups, well not that there are any Windows 7 newsgroups yet. The old battle between web forums and NNTP looks like its heading the way of the web, I know in my opinion that's largely down to how bad the latest version of Windows Live Mail is at handling newgroups, no where near as good as Windows Mail or Outlook Express.

Anyways enough rambling hope to see you on there with your questions.

Windows 7 RSS feeds don't update automatically

Carrying on from my preview post about how Internet Explorer and Pen Flicks are somewhat broken, next we come to the even more annoying issue.

RSS feeds don't reliably update in Windows 7. I haven't worked out exactly what is going on with this one yet.

But since I've been running Windows 7 I've noticed after logging onto the machine in the morning, that the RSS feeds in Internet Explorer - well any that are stored in the Common Feed List - aren't automatically updating.

I normally have my feeds set to update every 15 minutes, but after logging on in the morning 9 times out of 10 they'll all say last updated yesterday, even after waiting a couple of hours. You can easily tell it to start updating - by just right-clicking and refreshing all feeds, that starts the service working as usual, until the following day at least.

When I've come up with a work-around I'll post it.

Pen flicks in Internet Explorer 8 on Windows 7 half broken

Now that Windows 7 has RTMed, it's time to look at where we are exactly from a bug standpoint.

Last week we had a lot of fuss over the so-called check disk bug, where check disk would use up all but 50MB of RAM. When was the last time anyone here ran check disk? And as I've always said, unused RAM is wasted RAM. I'm sat on my machine at the moment and it’s got 2GB unused, come on use that RAM.

Non-issue, that's not to say Windows 7 doesn't have bugs, I've come across more than I came across with Windows Vista when it first RTMed.

The second most annoying is this one, pen flicks being broken in Internet Explorer 8.

As many of you know I am a fan of the Tablet PC, I currently use a Motion LE1700. Windows Vista brought massive improvements to the Tablet, a new TIP (Tablet Input Panel), plus handwriting recognition that learns as you use it and pen flicks, the ability to quickly swipe the screen, and move say back and forward or scroll a page up and down. Windows 7 has improved upon the old TIP. But, its suffered from one massive almost deal-breaking bug.

Pen flicks do not work to scroll the page up and down in IE8 when it's using the new rendering engine. They however work fine if you're visiting a website in compatibility mode.

As a partial work-around you can enable compatibility mode for all websites in Compatibility View Settings under the Tools menu. But this work won't for websites that declare themselves as IE8 compatible.

So worst of all, this bug will get more obvious and annoying as time goes on as fewer websites will be displayed in compatibility mode.

What's even more annoying is Microsoft is talking up the touch features in Windows 7 - touch like using a tablet also uses the same pen flicks system, so undoubtedly it will be broken for those using touch screens too.

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